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CCH Grade 10 Orientation for 2020-21


January 7, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians of Grade 9 Students:

Your son/daughter will soon be embarking on the next exciting stage in his/her educational journey.  We are looking forward to welcoming these new students to Catholic Central High School (CCHS), and being part of their academic, spiritual, and social growth.  To help ease the transition from junior high to high school, and to ensure that you have all the information necessary to assist your child in making decisions, we invite you to attend our parent meeting, to be held as follows:

  • Tuesday, February 4, 2020, Campus East – 405-18 Street South; 7:00 p.m. in the cafeteria

During this parent meeting, we will provide information about program selection and registration. Students are also welcome to attend these meetings, although they will be receiving similar information during their orientation visit to CCHS.

In terms of how to register your child to attend CCHS, current Holy Spirit students will be completing a registration update (“re-registration”) form online. Students from our feeder schools (of which FLVT is one) will need to indicate the designated school as CCHS. The division is targeting February for these registration update forms to roll out to you via email.

For the course selection process, I will be visiting FLVT on Monday,  February 10  (a.m. classes.).  During this time, they will receive a course selection sheet and will be guided through the first stage of completing their program selection.  Please ask to see your child’s course selection sheet when he/she comes home. We will be returning to FLVT between February 24 and March 2 to visit all Grade 9 classes and, at that time, will collect from students their signed course selection sheets. Please note, however, that students cannot be registered at CCHS until the registration update form has been submitted online. 

The parent meeting and the visits to the schools should provide you and your child with the information you need to transition to high school.  However, if you require more assistance or information, please contact any of our counsellors or administrators at CCHS and we will be pleased to set up an appointment time to answer all your questions.

At CCHS, we believe that a culture of Rigor, Relevance and Relationships is essential to ensuring the success of all students.  We look forward to welcoming you and your child into our community.


Joanne Polec, Principal CCHS

How Was Your Year?

Happy New Year to all the parents, students and staff of our learning community!  I hope everyone had a safe and restful Christmas break.  I would like to thank you for all the Christmas and New Year’s wishes.  Also, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who volunteered to support the many activities throughout the busy month of December, including our weekly Advent celebrations, various social justice projects, Gr. 2 and 3 Choir Performance, elementary Christmas Fun Afternoon, and Jr. High Christmas Formal and Dance.

2020 offers many challenges, especially with looming budget cuts, and many opportunities.  Through these challenges and opportunities, we can be thankful for our school.  To me, Catholic Education is a gift. Every day we get to live our school motto of “Many Hands Building A Better World.”

At a past New Year’s Eve celebration, I was visiting with some family and friends. At one point, I asked someone how his year went and received a warm, pleasant response.  I expected a generic question back, but instead, the gentleman asked, “At the end of each day, did you get closer to your life’s dream?”  Wow, what a question!  Since then, I have often reflected on my past, and if I am getting closer to my dream.  The answer is yes.  I have a loving family, I am part of an active faith community, and every day I have thejourney pic pleasure of working with the talented staff of Father Leonard Van Tighem School, the terrific students, and the supportive parents.  Upon reflection, I realize that I continue to get closer to living my dream.  The journey is often just as important as the destination.

Happy New Year to everyone and may 2020 be a blessed year for everyone at Father Leonard Van Tighem School.

Greg Kostiuk

Accountability Pillar Survey


Father Leonard Van Tighem School

Accountability Pillar Survey – Information for Parents

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Alberta Education is conducting the annual Accountability Pillar Surveys from January to the end of February 2020.  These surveys are necessary and help guide our school. 1 Parents of students of grades 4 and 7 will receive a survey mailed to their homes directly from Alberta Education.  Also, all students in grades 4 and 7 and all teachers will be completing their surveys online through their schools.  All surveys are anonymous.  Respondents are expected to answer the questions based on the experiences they have had at their school.

We strongly encourage your participation as the results help us identify our school and jurisdiction’s strengths and weaknesses. Survey results will be available to jurisdictions by the start of May 2020 and will be reported publicly by jurisdictions as part of the Annual Education Results Reports in the fall of 2020.

Parents have told us that there are questions asked on the Accountability Pillar Survey for which they have little information.  As a result, they often select “don’t know” as their response. Regrettably, any survey response of “don’t know” reflects negatively on our school.  Please see the below example:


The Accountability Survey will report that only 30% of our parents believe “High School students demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for learning throughout their lifetime.”  Parents may skip any question they feel does not apply.

To help parents, we have created the below document as an overview of the actions we use to support each child at our school regarding the questions many parents answer “don’t know” as their response.  Although this is not a complete list, it provides a general idea of the effort we make to meet the needs of each student in the specified areas.

We hope this document provides you with information that helps you to complete the Accountability Pillar Survey.  If you need more clarification or would like to speak about our practices, please contact Father Leonard Van Tighem School at 403-381-0953.

Respectfully yours,

Greg Kostiuk


To what extent do you agree or disagree that your child can get help at school with problems that are not related to schoolwork.
Actions by Father Leonard Van Tighem School to support this question.

●        Referrals to mental health, counselling services and speech/occupational therapy services.

●        Risk assessment trained staff.

●        On-site Counsellor in school to use as a resource person to access professional services.

●        Staff ready and willing to help students with personal issues.

●        Many staff trained in First Aid.

●        Three on-site Administrators trained to assist students with problems.


How satisfied or dissatisfied are you that High School students demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for learning throughout their lifetime.
Actions by Father Leonard Van Tighem School and Holy Spirit Catholic Schools to support this question.

●        We prepare the students through the teaching of the prescribed curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

●        We prepare the students by teaching them the skills they need for organization, homework and accountability for their education.

●        January Career Day.

●        Students that graduate from Holy Spirit Catholic Schools are prepared to go directly into the workforce, post-secondary studies, or whatever they desire to do when complete.

●        Students are supported by school administration and Holy Spirit Catholic Schools in ensuring they have the requirements needed to transition into life after high school.

●        Classroom visits for all grades to discuss knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for lifelong learning.

●        Presentations for High School CALM classes from community agencies.

●        Visuals – posters, Rutherford Scholarships.

●        Work Experience and classroom discussions.

●        Dual-credit opportunities for students to get college credits in High School.

●        College/University handbook (calendars).

●        Students involved in Career and Technology Studies classes learn real-life skills.

●        Many skills such as carpentry, cooking, computer technology, and welding are relevant to situations and challenges encountered throughout a student’s life.

●        Through social class, students are able to demonstrate an ability to understand and analyze global issues.

How satisfied or dissatisfied are you that your child is taught the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for learning throughout his or her lifetime.
Actions by Father Leonard Van Tighem School to support this question.

●        Students are taught responsibility for their actions and showing respect.

●        Students are given age-appropriate classroom duties to foster responsibility and accountability

●        Students are taught how to model positive character traits which will enable them to be respected citizens in the community they will live.

●        Students are taught cooperation and how to work with other people.

●        Students are taught the meaning of social justice and to help those who are less fortunate than they are.


How satisfied or dissatisfied are you that your child is taught attitudes and behaviours to be successful at work when he or she leaves school.
Actions by Father Leonard Van Tighem School to support this question.

●        Jr. High Tutorial period Monday to Thursday for mentorship, organizing and class preparation.

●        Study habits are taught to the students and are encouraged throughout all subject areas.

●        Policies encourage students to be on time and to attend all classes.

●        Organizational strategies are taught and reinforced.

●        Students are taught accountability, ownership and responsibility for their actions.

●        Elementary students receive agendas to support communication and organizational skills.

●        Study skills and test-taking strategies are taught to support students.

●        Jr. High Academic Awards.

●        Students are taught the value of completing tasks on time and to the best of their ability.

●        Students are taught to respect themselves and those around them.


To what extent are you involved in decisions about your child’s education?
●        Communication between home and school through school newsletters available on the web page monthly.

●        Emails to parent groups and regular Facebook notices.

●        Parent surveys on a variety of issues.

●        Many parent meetings occur on an “ongoing” basis when parents stop by the school.

●        Special notices are sent home between newsletters.

●        Communication with parents through the school and class websites.

●        Many parent meetings are arranged between teacher and parent, or teacher and student.

●        For students with special needs, an Individual Support Plan is developed between the parent and the teacher.

●        School Council meetings are held monthly to get input from parents of our school community.

●        ThoughtExchange is used to gather input from school communities on district initiatives.

●        Phone calls home from teachers to parents to discuss their child’s educational needs.

●        Report Cards are sent home and parent/teacher/student interviews are held.

●        Parents can make contact with their child’s teachers when needed.


How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the opportunity to be involved in decisions about your child’s education?
Opportunities for decision making at Father Leonard Van Tighem School related to this area.

●        Individual Support Plans

●        Diverse Learning Needs – Parent meetings

●        Report cards and parent/teacher/student interviews

●        Parent surveys

●        School Council meetings held once a month.

●        Parent meetings with teachers – ongoing.


To what extent are you involved in decisions at your child’s school?
Actions by Father Leonard Van Tighem School to support this question.

●        School Council meetings are held monthly to get input from parents about upcoming changes within the school.

●        Parent surveys.

●        Open Door Policy – allows parents to come into the school to become more familiar with the school and provide input.

●        Parental meetings with teachers – ongoing.

●        Parent/Teacher/Student interviews.

●        Parents have input on educational plans through our School Council.

●        Administration can be contacted through our school website, email, meetings, or phone to give input on school.


Future of Lethbridge School Bussing


Hello everyone,

As requested from our divisional office, here is a document with some templates to assist you if you would like to write a letter to the City of Lethbridge in response to their recent resolution to sever the transportation agreement between itself, Holy Spirit Catholic School Division, and Lethbridge School Division.

These templates are intended to serve as starting points.  Please feel free to copy, adjust, add personal details to suit your own perspectives on this matter.

The email addresses for the City of Lethbridge Council are:

mayor@lethbridge.ca; council@lethbridge.caChris.Spearman@lethbridge.ca;




Some additional resources for you regarding this issue:

  1. The joint press release sent out by the Lethbridge school divisions on November 25, 2019, can be found at https://www.holyspirit.ab.ca/_cabinet/2/18/November_25,_2019_-_Joint_Release_City_Bus.pdf
  2. The presentation that the school divisions presented on December 2, 2019, Community Issues Committee Meeting of City Council can be found at https://www.holyspirit.ab.ca/_cabinet/2/18/Student_Transportation_Nov._26_.pptx.pdf
  3. The Lethbridge school jurisdictions just published some Q&A regarding bus transportation at https://www.holyspirit.ab.ca/whatsNew.cfm?whatID=249.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and support of our school jurisdictions and community. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office.


Greg Kostiuk



TEMPLATE 1 – From Lethbridge Ratepayer

First Name, Last Name

Street Address

Lethbridge, Alberta TXX XXX



December 10, 2019


Mayor and Council, City of Lethbridge

2nd Floor, City Hall, 910 – 4th Avenue South

Lethbridge, AB   T1J 0P6


Dear Mayor Spearman and Lethbridge City Council,

I am writing today to speak against the current resolution that would sever the 50-year transportation agreement that exists between the City of Lethbridge, Holy Spirit Catholic School Division, and Lethbridge School Division.

I understand that the City of Lethbridge needs to make difficult decisions, ensuring that our city’s resources are being used in a fiscally responsible manner.  However, it seems clear that the current yellow school bus system, which the school divisions pay for, does not directly cost taxpayers anything.  In fact, it appears that the bussing infrastructure supplied by the city is better utilized as a result of this mutually beneficial partnership. The recent argument by the city claiming “risk” is the primary rationale for the termination of this contract also seems to fall short when the school jurisdictions appear more than willing to discuss the city’s concerns regarding insurance and address them accordingly.

What is most upsetting to me about this situation is the lack of integrity demonstrated by City Council’s conduct.  The resolution made was a unilateral one that failed to consult, or at least inform, the school divisions.  Further, it appears no thought was given to how this decision would impact students and families, especially those in most need – only the city’s bottom line.

I sincerely hope that you will reconsider this decision and renew conversation with the school divisions to come to a solution that works for all involved.





TEMPLATE 2 – From Lethbridge Ratepayer (Parent focused)

First Name, Last Name

Street Address

Lethbridge, Alberta TXX XXX



December 10, 2019


Mayor and Council, City of Lethbridge

2nd Floor, City Hall, 910 – 4th Avenue South

Lethbridge, AB   T1J 0P6


Dear Mayor Spearman and Lethbridge City Council,

I am writing today in response to the recent discussions regarding the City of Lethbridge discontinuing bussing services for Holy Spirit Catholic School Division and Lethbridge School Division families.

As a parent, I have generally been very pleased with the number of services that have been offered to Lethbridge families.  These are services that make this community healthy and strong in my opinion.  I recognize that a large part of these initiatives being offered is the result of varying partnerships in our community.  I have always been very impressed with the City of Lethbridge’s leadership in making these projects a reality.

However, the potential loss of the transportation partnership with the Lethbridge school divisions means that, in order to pay for a profit-seeking bus provider, either transportation fees will need to be charged by the school jurisdictions or funds will need to be taken from the classroom.  This last option is, frankly, untenable given how complex our classrooms have become. As a result, families will ultimately be forced to bear the brunt of these additional expenses.

As you know, these are difficult economic times.  Extra charges may be absorbed by some, but we know there are many in our community who can barely afford the current costs required to meet their children’s basic needs, let alone transport them to school.

I respectfully request that you reopen the conversation with the school jurisdictions to discuss a solution that better suits your needs, and the needs of your combined community members.



TEMPLATE 3 – From Lethbridge Taxpayer (Impacts on Lethbridge focused)

First Name, Last Name

Street Address

Lethbridge, Alberta TXX XXX



December 10, 2019


Mayor and Council, City of Lethbridge

2nd Floor, City Hall, 910 – 4th Avenue South

Lethbridge, AB   T1J 0P6


Dear Mayor Spearman and Lethbridge City Council,

I am very upset to hear that City Council plans to dissolve the current bussing agreement it holds with Holy Spirit Catholic School Division and Lethbridge School Division.

City Council claims this decision is based on its desire to eliminate insurance risk for the City.  This argument is based on fear and circumstance and fails to take into consideration the action and solution-oriented leadership that one expects from our City’s government.

The reality is that this decision has serious impacts on Lethbridge’s larger community, and these concerns should supersede the risk assessment priority that the Council seems to favour. For instance, this will impact the employment of many bus drivers in Lethbridge and their ability to make a living in our city.  This certainly impacts the school divisions, who have been given an unfair and inappropriate timeline to make alternate arrangements or prepare a smooth transition for an operation of this magnitude.  Mostly though, this will impact Lethbridge families, who will be forced to either absorb the costs of a for-profit operator directly or through potential cuts to classrooms.

Given the current realities, it is my hope that the City of Lethbridge will reconsider this resolution and demonstrate better transparency and consultation with its partners and community members to come to a solution that truly benefits the entire City of Lethbridge and not just its insurance providers.





Aladdin Jr. Playbill

Letterhead top

December 10, 2019

Re: Sponsorship

Dear Production Supporter:

Father Leonard Van Tighem School is once again putting together a spring production by our Junior High students.  In April 2020 we will be performing ALADDIN JR., a Disney musical. The production will showcase talented FLVT student singers, dancers, and actors. The backstage roles are also filled by our students from the technical booth to hair and makeup to the front house service. The spring production is truly a student-centred project.

In order to support our production, we rely on ticket sales, donations by our patrons, and advertisers in our Playbill.  It is anticipated that the cost of our musical production will be approximately $10,000. If you would like to become a supporter of FLVT’s musical production in the form of an advertisement or donation, please fill in the attached form and return it to Father Leonard Van Tighem School.

Our spring production will run two evening shows at 7:00 pm on Monday, April 27 and Tuesday, April 28 at the Yates Memorial Theatre.  Cast 2 will perform on Tuesday and Cast 1 will perform on Monday. Ticket prices are $10 for adults/students and $5 for FLVT students. We hope to see you in the audience in April.  

If you would like more information about our sponsorship program, please contact the school office at (403) 381-0953.  Thank you again for all your help and support. March 2, 2020, is the deadline for payments.


Cheryl Braun

Advertising Contact

Aladdin Jr.


Advertising in the PlayBill.

Type of Advertisement:

  • Business Card Advertiser (1 ¼ x 2 ¼ inches) $50
  • ½ Page Advertiser (4 x 5 inches) $ 125
  • Full Page Advertiser (8 ½ x 5 ½ inches) $ 200
  • Full Page Cover Advertiser $300

_____Inside Front Cover   _____ Inside Back Cover   _____ Outside Back Cover 

Please pay online through School Cash Online by using the following link:  


If paying by cheque please make your cheque payable to FLVT School.


Donating to the Program. 

  • Donation in the amount of $ ____________________________________.

For donations through School Cash Online, please click on the following link: https://holyspirit.schoolcashonline.com/Fee/Details/2/179/false/true

Under Gift Information choose FLVT School and write Spring Production in the memo.

If paying by cheque, please make your cheque payable to Holy Spirit RCSRD # 4.

Email Contact: braunc@holyspirit.ab.ca

Phone: (403)-381-0953

Fax: (403)-381-0906

Mailing Address: FLVT School

Attention: Cheryl Braun

25 Stoney Crescent West

Lethbridge AB T1K 6V5

Deadline for donations and advertisements:  March 2, 2020.

Emailing/Texting – Scheduled Blackouts

no emailing texting

Last year our Superintendent implemented an informal policy with school administrators that he would not send emails, unless they were emergent, on weekends.  That did not mean he or school administrators were not working on the weekend but it allowed us to turn off our communication with our boss.  It has been welcomed and appreciated by both parties.  Normal work communication was simply scheduled to be sent Monday morning.  Given this success, our Superintendent has asked us to expand this policy amongst school divisional staff, school staff, and the school parent community.

For the well being of all the members of our community, the staff of Father Leonard Van Tighem School will be following a soft email/texting policy of not sending or responding to work-related emails/texts, unless they are emergent, from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am during weekdays and from 5:00 pm Friday to 6:00 am Monday weekends.

I know I and others will continue to work in the evenings and weekends but I will simplysend be scheduling my email/text messages and responses to be sent the next morning (or Monday morning).  Personally, I may struggle at first with this new policy as I have become quite dependent on my technology.  Parts of me would rather chip away at the emails/texts at my leisure and I have a fear of beginning my Monday morning with a large number of messages.  Another part of me welcomes this policy as I  just may be able to turn off the technology and not worry I am missing something.

Please know that whether you are a staff member or a parent, your messages are important and will be received and responded to.  The difference now is there will be no expectations of an instantaneous response from anyone.  For everyone’s well being, it is alright to disconnect for a period of time each and every day.  Finally, I ask everyone’s patience as we implement this soft policy as it might take some time for us do develop this new habit of having a scheduled blackout of emailing/texting.

Thank you for trying to follow this new policy.

Greg Kostiuk