Talented Teachers of OLA 2015-16 – Update

We hope everyone has been enjoying summer break.  We are pretty excited about school starting soon.  Already, on any given day, I find teachers working hard at school.

We have had a staffing change over the summer.  Our new Gr. 1/2 teacher, Mrs. Harvey, has taken a new position with Horizon School Division.  I am happy to announce our new Gr. 1/2 teacher is Mr. Mark Matsalla.

I asked Mark for some information that I could share, here is what he gave me:

“I come from Invermere, BC.  I have been working at Lethbridge College for the past two years in Curriculum and online course design.  Before that, I taught in a K-7 school in BC for several years.  I have a wife (Jodi) and four children.  I feel very blessed to joining Our Lady of the Assumption School.  A little know fact about me is I speak fluent Saskatchewan.”

Please join me in welcoming Mark to our learning community.

Here is the listing of our homerooms (class lists will be posted the first day of school):

OLA 2015-16 homerooms

Only 20 more sleeps until the first day of school!

Greg Kostiuk

Our Playground Build

Thank You

During the last week of July and the first week of August we have been building our new playground.  The project looks great.  There are some special people and groups that we would like to thank:

  • Travis and Amanda H. – You have been the driving force behind the fundraising and the build.  Without your passion this project would not have succeeded;
  • All our parent volunteers;
  • All our staff volunteers;
  • All our neighbour volunteers;
  • All the extended family members that came out to help;
  • All the community members;
  • Paul and his staff from Oliver Irrigation – Your support of this project was unbelievable;
  • Ron and his staff from ATB Financial;
  • The two shifts of employees from Pratt & Whitney;
  • To all our donors including individual parents, federal and provincial government, and the Knights of Columbus;
  • For everyone that supported our fundraising projects;
  • Greg from Blue Imp – You did a wonderful job directing all the volunteers;
  • To everyone else I missed.

Here is a picture portfolio of our build:

Day 1

playground july 17 2015

image3 image7  IMG_0856 IMG_0857 IMG_0858 IMG_0859 IMG_0860 IMG_0861 IMG_0863 IMG_0864 IMG_0865 IMG_0866


Day 2

day 2b day 2c image4 image5 day 2d day 2eimage6 IMG_4951 IMG_4956 IMG_4958

Day 3

DSCF3161              DSCF3166 DSCF3182 IMG_0877 day 3a day 3b Day 3cIMG_0880


IMG_0883 IMG_0884

Day 4

DSCF3185              DSCF3204

Day 5+

floor        floor2        floor3  day 5b

IMG_0917IMG_0915IMG_0916aug6 1aug6 2aug6 3aug6 4aug6 5

august 7g august 7a august 7b august 7c august 7d august 7e august 7faugust 7h August 7i

Thank you everyone, our students are going to love their new playground.

Greg Kostiuk