Please FAIL: My Mistake

Last week I posted Please FAIL.  As part of the post I showed a picture of a mistake I made this summer.  The purpose of showing my mistake to students was to help alleviate anxiety about making mistakes.  I posted the picture and asked people to try to figure out ‘My Mistake’.  To my surprise a few students approached me last week trying to figure it out. So here is my mistake:


This summer I drove from Lethbridge to Vancouver. It was a long and beautiful drive. While in Vancouver I had a birthday.  On my birthday I noticed my driver’s license was going to expire that day.  So, on July 14 I was in Vancouver without a driver’s licence. Without a license, I would be driving illegally and I would be driving without insurance.  I could not drive.  Also, I discovered there was no way to renew my licence in B.C.  You must physically be in Alberta to renew your license.  I stayed in Vancouver for awhile, putting on a lot of steps as I walked everywhere.  Knowing I had some Air Miles that were about to expire, I booked a WestJet to Calgary.  I flew to Calgary, took a bus to downtown Calgary to renew my license, visited my daughter, and flew back to Vancouver the next day.  I stayed a couple more days in Vancouver and then I drove back to Lethbridge, via Calgary.

I made a mistake not renewing my license and I’ve learned from my mistake.  I’ve already put reminders on my phone for July 2021.  I’ve signed up for email reminders from my insurance company for my license and my plates.  Simply put, I learned from my mistake and I hope my students will learn from their mistakes.

Greg Kostiuk



Please FAIL

As the Principal of Our Lady of the Assumption School I have the pleasure of teaching. This year my primary teaching responsibility is teaching grade 6 students math.  During the first week of school our class room did a variety of activities to build community and establish a positive learning space.  I shared a variety of ‘thoughts’ with the class.  One thought was that I believe in failing, in fact I told the class that I want them to fail.  I wanted to stress to the students that I wanted them to take risks and do not worry about making mistakes.

I shared with them two pictures.  Firstly, F.A.I.L. (First Attempt in Learning):


I wanted students to realize that we all make mistakes and that in making a mistake we create an opportunity to learn.  Simply put, we learn from our mistakes.  The second picture I shared was a collage of a mistake I made this summer.  Here is the picture story of my mistake:


I wanted to show students that I make mistakes, big and small, on a regular basis.  The students tried to figure out my mistake.  Can you?  I will share the story of my mistake in a couple days.

I hope the students will not be afraid or worry about their mistakes.  I hope they will learn from their mistakes.  Please F.A.I.L.

Greg Kostiuk



Sleepless in Lethbridge, Again

September 5, 2016

welcome to OLA

Dear Students/Parents:

My daughter just told me to get some sleep and then laughed.  She reminded me that I never sleep before the first day of school.

Welcome to the 2016-17 school year at Our Lady of the Assumption School.  We are truly looking forward to supporting and learning with all the members of our learning community.

We are excited to welcome new students, families, and staff to our school this year.  New teaching staff include: Mrs. Orr (Gr. 1/2), Mr. Tratch (Gr. 3), Miss Chief Moon (Kindergarten), Miss Marten (Gr. 1/2 & Gr. 6), and Miss Pedersen (Gr. 4).  Also, we welcome some new Educational Assistants: Mr. Gaudio, Mr. Cahoon, and Mrs. Hillier.  Finally, we have a University of Lethbridge PSIII student, Miss Kobbert (mentored by Mrs. Nemecek).

The focus of this school year will be on growing in our faith and experiencing the richness of Catholic Education, developing literacy and numeracy skills that will prepare students for a changing future, and helping First Nations, Metis, and Inuit students achieve equitable educational outcomes.  Also, we are excited about our new Faith Plan called Growing in Faith Together (G.I.F.T.).  This year’s faith theme is Rooted in Christ.

Are you a bus student?  Please check the new bus schedules as they are a bit different.  We offer bussing in most of south Lethbridge and in the area north of 10th Avenue South (Fleetwood neighbourhood).  Please click this logo for bus maps:


To help with communication, here are some social media links (please click on the logo):

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To sign up on Remind enter 587-409-5907 and text @ourladyo  remind

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We look forward to working with you to continue to make Our Lady of the Assumption School a special place.  On behalf of our staff, I wish everyone a successful school year.

Respectfully yours,

Greg Kostiuk


Class Lists for 2016-17


Welcome back to Our Lady of the Assumption School!

Traditionally, we have posted our student class lists the morning of the first day of school. One of our school goals this year is to address the mental wellness of members of our community. Therefore, in an effort to try to alleviate some stress and anxiety we will be posting student class lists on Friday, September 2 at 10:00 AM.  Class lists will be posted outside the main office (the office is open till 2:30 pm on Fridays).

We are excited for the first day of school for our Gr. 1 to 6 students on Tuesday, September 6. We are looking forward to seeing everyone.

Greg Kostiuk