Alberta Education Assurance Survey 2023

Alberta Education Assurance – Information for Parents

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Alberta Education is conducting the annual Alberta Education Assurance Surveys until March 3, 2023.  These surveys help guide our school.

Parents of students in grades 4 and 7 will receive a survey mailed to their homes directly from Alberta Education.  Also, all students in grades 4 and 7 and all teachers will complete their surveys online through their schools.  All surveys are anonymous.  Respondents are expected to answer the questions based on the experiences they have had at their school.

We strongly encourage your participation as the results help us identify our school and jurisdiction’s strengths and areas of growth. Survey results will be available to jurisdictions by the start of May or June 2023. Jurisdictions will report them publicly as part of the Annual Education Results Reports in the fall of 2023.

Parents have told us that questions are asked on the Alberta Education Assurance Survey for which they have little information.  As a result, they often select “don’t know” as their response. Regrettably, any “don’t know” survey response reflects negatively on our school.  Please see the below example:


The survey will report that only 30% of our parents believe “High School students demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for learning throughout their lifetime.”  Parents may skip any question they feel does not apply.

To help parents, we have created the below document as an overview of the actions we use to support each child at our school regarding the questions many parents answer “don’t know” as their response.  Although this is not a complete list, it provides a general idea of the effort we make to meet the needs of each student in the specified areas.

We hope this document provides information that will help you complete the Alberta Education Assurance Survey.  If you need more clarification or want to speak about our practices, please contact Father Leonard Van Tighem School at 403-381-0953.

Respectfully yours,

Greg Kostiuk


To what extent do you agree or disagree that your child can get help at school with problems that are not related to schoolwork.
Actions by Father Leonard Van Tighem School to support this question.
●        Referrals to mental health, counselling, and speech/occupational therapy services.
●        Risk assessment trained staff.
●        On-site Counsellor in school to use as a resource person to access professional services.
●        Staff ready and willing to help students with personal issues.
●        Many staff members are trained in First Aid.
●        Three on-site Administrators were trained to assist students with problems.
How satisfied or dissatisfied are you that High School students demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for learning throughout their lifetime.
Actions by Father Leonard Van Tighem School and Holy Spirit Catholic Schools to support this question.
●        We prepare the students by teaching the prescribed curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 12.  
●        We prepare the students by teaching them the skills they need for organization, homework and accountability for their education.
●        January Career Day.
●        Students who graduate from Holy Spirit Catholic Schools are prepared to enter the workforce, post-secondary studies, or whatever they desire to do when complete.
●        Students are supported by school administration and Holy Spirit Catholic Schools in ensuring they have the requirements needed to transition into life after high school.
●        Classroom lessons for all grades to discuss knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for lifelong learning.
●        Presentations for High School CALM classes from community agencies.
●        Visuals – posters, Rutherford Scholarships.
●        Work Experience and classroom discussions.
●        Dual-credit opportunities for students to get college credits in High School.
●        College/University handbook (calendars).
●        Students involved in Career and Technology Studies classes learn real-life skills. ●        Many skills, such as carpentry, cooking, computer technology, and welding, are relevant to situations and challenges a student encounters.
●        Through social class, students can demonstrate an ability to understand and analyze global issues.
How satisfied or dissatisfied are you that your child is taught the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for learning throughout his or her lifetime.
Actions by Father Leonard Van Tighem School to support this question.
●        Students are taught responsibility for their actions and show respect.  
●        Students are given age-appropriate classroom duties to foster responsibility and accountability
●        Students are taught how to model positive character traits, which will enable them to be respected citizens in the community they will live.
●        Students are taught cooperation and how to work with other people.
●        Students are taught the meaning of social justice and to help those who are less fortunate than they are.
How satisfied or dissatisfied are you that your child is taught attitudes and behaviours to be successful at work when he or she leaves school.
Actions by Father Leonard Van Tighem School to support this question.
●        Jr. High Academic Enhancement period Monday to Thursday for mentorship, organizing and class preparation.  
●        Study habits are taught to the students and are encouraged throughout all subject areas.
●        Policies encourage students to be on time and to attend all classes.
●        Organizational strategies are taught and reinforced.
●        Students are taught accountability, ownership and responsibility for their actions. ●        Elementary students receive agendas to support communication and organizational skills.
●        Study skills and test-taking strategies are taught to support students.
●        Jr. High Academic Awards.
●        Students are taught the value of completing tasks on time and to the best of their ability.
●        Students are taught to respect themselves and those around them.
To what extent are you involved in decisions about your child’s education?
●        Communication between home and school through monthly school newsletters available on the web page.
●        Emails to parent groups and regular social media posts.  
●        Parent surveys on a variety of issues.
●        Many parent meetings occur on an “ongoing” basis with parents.
●        Special notices are sent home between newsletters.
●        Communication with parents through the school and class websites.
●        Many parent meetings (virtual this year) are arranged between teacher and parent or teacher and student.
●        For students with special needs, an Individual Support Plan is developed between the parent and the teacher.
●        School Council meetings are held monthly to get input from parents of our school community.
●        Phone calls home from teachers to parents to discuss their child’s educational needs.
●        Report Cards are sent home, and parent/teacher/student interviews are held.
●        Parents can make contact with their child’s teachers when needed.
How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the opportunity to be involved in decisions about your child’s education?
Opportunities for decision-making at Father Leonard Van Tighem School related to this area.
●        Individual Support Plans  
●        Diverse Learning Needs – Parent meetings
●        Report cards and parent/teacher/student interviews
●        Parent surveys
●        School Council meetings are held once a month.
●        Parent meetings with teachers – ongoing.
To what extent are you involved in decisions at your child’s school?
Actions by Father Leonard Van Tighem School to support this question.
●        School Council meetings are held monthly to get input from parents about upcoming changes within the school.  
●        Parent surveys.
●        Allow parents to come into the school to become more familiar with the school and provide input.
●        Parental meetings with teachers – ongoing.
●        Parent/Teacher/Student interviews.
●        Parents have input on educational plans through our School Council.
●        Administration can be contacted through our school website, email, meetings, or phone to give input on school.

Support Needed for Little Mermaid Jr.

This spring, our junior high students will perform Little Mermaid Jr.  Special thanks to all the students and staff involved, especially to Mrs. Hammel for Directing the production.  We need your support.  Please see the below letter on how you can support our Fine Arts Spring Production:

Thank you for supporting our production.

CCH Orientation for 2023-24 School Year

January 9, 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians of Grade 9 Students:

Your son/daughter will soon be embarking on the next exciting stage in his/her educational journey.  We are looking forward to welcoming these new students to Catholic Central High School (CCHS), and being part of their academic, spiritual, and social growth.  To help ease the transition from junior high to high school, and to ensure that you have all the information necessary to assist your child in making decisions, we invite you to one of two in-person Information Evenings at Catholic Central High School:

  • Tuesday, February 7 at 7:00 p.m. on Campus East in the Cafeteria
  • Wednesday, February 8 at 7:00 p.m. on Campus West in the Gathering Space

Following these information evenings, Catholic Central administrative and guidance/ academic counseling teams, in addition to our Grad Coach and First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Worker will be visiting the feeder schools during the week of February 13-16. We will be at St. Francis (February 13),  FLVT (February 15), St. Catherines (February 14), and St. Josephs (February 16 ). Students will have program handbooks and a copy of their course selection sheets to bring home to you for approval. Please have all course selection sheets submitted back to your child’s school no later than Friday, March 10, 2023.

In terms of how to register your child to attend CCHS, current Holy Spirit students will be completing a registration update (“re-registration”) form online. Students from our feeder schools (of which your child’s current school is one) will need to indicate the designated school as CCHS. The division is targeting January 16-30, 2023 for the re-registration forms to be emailed out to parents/ guardians.. Any students new to the division will need to wait until after February 1st to register. Please note that course selections for CCHS cannot be completed until the registration update form has been submitted online. 

While we hope that the parent information evenings, access to the presentation (on our website), and facilitated course selection sessions with your child should provide you and your child with the information you need to transition to high school, we recognize that this can be daunting. We are here to support and guide you through this in any way we can.

At CCHS, we believe that a culture of Rigor, Relevance and Relationships is essential to ensuring the success of all students.  We look forward to welcoming you and your child into our community.


Joanne Polec – Principal

2023-24 School Year Registration

Although it is just January, it is time to begin the 2023-24 school year student registration process.

Here is some information:

Here are some helpful links:

Main Page for Registration

New Family:

Current Family:


  • Parents/guardians who are hoping to register younger siblings new to the division will have the opportunity to submit a “New Student Registration Form” at the same time that they are re-registering older students.
  • Students transitioning from elementary to junior high, or junior high to high school, will have their designated school assigned to them in the “Registration Update Form.”
  • Ensure that you are filling in the correct form. Please complete the assigned “2023-2024 K-12 Registration Update Form” OR “2023-2024 Early Learning Program Registration Update Form.” Please contact your current school if you believe you have been assigned an incorrect form.

All Early Learning to Grade 12 students new to the division and who wish to enroll for the 2022/2023 school year are invited to register online starting on February 1, 2023.

For information about our programs and age-related guidelines:

To learn more about our Early Learning and Kindergarten Programs or discuss your child’s specialized programming requirements, contact the Early Learning Coordinator at 403-381-8495 or

If you need assistance with the online registration process or have any questions, contact Father Leonard Van Tighem School or the school division’s main office.