Aladdin Jr. Playbill

It is finally showtime! We look forward to seeing our supporters at the evening performances at 7 pm on May 3 and 4, 2022. Thank you to all the supporters of our play: the parents, the staff, the community members and especially the students. Here is the playbill:

Tickets will be available at the door. Enjoy the show.

2022-23 Staffing

We are continuing to plan for the 2022-23 school year, and we want to share
information about our school’s staffing.  Please know, though, that this
plan is continually evolving as we try to meet the needs of our students
best.  As we learn more, we will update this page.  Thank you for
trusting us with your children’s care and educational needs.

April 28, 2022 Update:

We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Verna Mabin has transferred to FLVT
from Children of St. Martha School. Mrs. Mabin will be teaching Grade 1 next

We want to thank Ms. Pelletier for all she has done this year as our
temporary Grade 1 teacher and all the extras she did to support our students.
We wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

CCH Summer School 2022

Pleas read the below letter from CCH regarding Summer School 2022 Registration:

We are pleased to open our Summer School 2022 online application process!
Please take some time to carefully go through the information provided below, and determine if select summer school offerings are appropriate for your student. If you have further questions about summer school operations, requirements, application process, or courses please contact Mr. Anthony Vercillo directly at 403-327-4596 or via email at

All courses require daily attendance, either physical attendance OR via online Google Meet platform (course depending). Please see the CCH Summer School 2022 Course Calendar (below) for projected class schedules and course delivery type. Due to the compressed nature of the courses, mandatory daily attendance is expected. If a student is not able to commit to full attendance, or they miss class sessions during the progression of the course itself, they will not be considered for enrollment and/or will be dropped from the course.

Please complete the following to indicate your interest in summer school for the 2022 session. Please note that summer school may be subject to enrollment limits, and as such admittance is not guaranteed. All applications require a discussion, review, and graduation progress check with administration prior to enrollment.

***Students in Religious Ed courses will require digital accessibility, therefore all students must have a device that has a camera and microphone in good working order (not a phone) capable of accessing meets, digital resources etc.***

Please note that this form is for information gathering only and does not constitute automatic acceptance into summer semester programming. Summer school course offerings are currently pending and not finalized. Therefore, no enrollments or time frames can be guaranteed at this time.

Summer School Semester runs from JULY 4-JULY 29**Course pending

Please enter your STUDENT HOLY SPIRIT EMAIL ADDRESS in the linked form below to get started!

New Curriculum Update

On April 13, 2022, our government shared the new Math, English Language Arts, and Physical Education and Wellness curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 3. This new curriculum is to be implemented in September 2022. After the Easter break, our staff will begin some Professional Development activities. Here are some links regarding the new curriculum:


English Language Arts

Physical Education and Wellness

Once there is more information, we will share it with our community.

FLVT 2022-23 Bell Times

This week, Holy Spirit Catholic School Division and Southland Transportation informed us of our Grade 1 to 9 bell times for the 2022-23 school year. Here they are:

  • Monday to Thursday start time of 8:55 am (when classes start)
  • Monday to Thursday end time of 3:40 pm (when classes end)
  • Friday start time of 8:55 am
  • Friday end time of 1:23 pm

We plan to have a staggered end of the day for our elementary and junior high students, so the exact end of the days is yet to be determined. We are still working on our daytime bell schedule. Also, we have not determined the start and end times for our Kindergarten and Early Learning Program. We will share all our bell times once they have been set.

Please see this document explaining the need to change bell times:


This school year, 2021-22, FLVT converted our past PD Centre (Room 11) into a First Nations Student Centre.  The two reasons to do this were to create a safe place for our First Nations, Metis, and Inuit students and assist our First Nations, Metis, and Inuit students transitioning from Children of St. Martha’s School.  To date, the centre has been thriving.  Approximately 15 Jr. High students consistently use the centre. In addition, the centre has attracted both First Nations and non-First Nations students.  Also, the centre serves as a workstation for our First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Support Worker, Kendrick Fox.

Earlier this year, Mr. Fox and the students who use the centre began to suggest a name for the centre.  After a brainstorming session with Mr. Fox and our students, they came up with the following name:

Ayinnimaoyiiyis = Hawks Nest/Lodge (eye-yin-nima-oi-yee-yis)

  • Unsure how to pronounce Ayinnimaoyiiyis? Thank you to Mr. Fox, here is an audio file of the pronunciation:




The Blackfoot name ties nicely with our HAWKS Virtues and our school co-curricular team’s name.  Also, Mr. Fox translated the words to Blackfoot.  Mr. Fox has gone through all the rights of passages and initiations to being a Blackfoot Elder.  Mr. Fox has the authority to give Blackfoot names. Mr. Fox came up with Ayinnimaoyiiyis for a few reasons:

1. It fits with our school logo

2. He started the seasonal round – learning from the land for classroom presentations. The biggest lesson was always preparing the Lodge for the next season.

3. The room is being used for student connections to our school, and the most prominent safe place is the lodge.

4. The nest and lodge are very similar linguistically in the Blackfoot language.

After the initial suggestion of Ayinnimaoyiiyis, Mr. Fox sent out an email to our First Nations, Metis, and Inuit parents asking for their thoughts.  No parents objected.  One guardian, a respected elder in the community, supported the name.

Recently, we surveyed our FLVT parent community and staff with the following question:

Here are the results:

Parents (121 responses) – Yes – 93.4 %, No – 6.6 %

Staff (18 responses) – Yes – 94.5 %, No – 5.5 %

We want to thank Mr. Fox and our students for their work in renaming Room 11. Also, we want to thank our School Council and St. Martha’s Parish for letters of support.

At the March 2022 School Board Meeting, our trustees voted in support of renaming Room 11 at FLVT to Ayinnimaoyiiyis. 

Thank you to our School Board for their decision and support.

We look forward to Ayinnimaoyiiyis Student Centre being a valuable place and a focal point for all of our students.

St. Kateri

Every month, our divisional office provides all our schools with resources based on the various patron saints of our schools.  The resources help with the implementation of our divisional faith plan.  Special thanks to Mr. Skretting, our Director of Religious Education, for providing us with these valuable resources.  This month, April 2022, the resources feature the patron saint of Father Leonard Van Tighem School, St. Kateri.  Here are the resources:

Moving Forward

March 30, 2022 Update

To increase student and staff wellness, we have been lifting some of our past pandemic protocols. Some of these changes have included student field trips, large student gatherings, and the mixing of student cohorts. This week, we are changing some more protocols:

·       Adapting muster points: we continue to be committed to the safety and security of everyone in our building. Therefore, we are continuing to use muster points but adapting them. Our students will still gather at their muster doors to begin the day. Instead of having all our teachers at the muster doors, we will have staff supervisors at each muster door;

·       Students will be dismissed from their classrooms. Some teachers may choose to walk their class out to their muster points;

·       We have changed muster points for two classrooms, 8K and 4LC. Here is the new muster point map:

·       We are changing our Jr. High lunch hour protocols. Jr. High students will be able to eat communally or leave campus. Also, students will be able to gather together inside the school during the lunch break. The changes were explained to students in a student assembly.

Following the ‘Access with a Purpose’ model, parents continue to be welcome at school. If parents need access to the school, please ring the front doorbell and check into the office.

We will reflect after a few weeks to see if further changes are needed. However, we hope the changes will be successful.

March 1, 2022

Today, March 1, 2022, most of the COVID-19 restrictions schools were required to follow will be lifted. There is a slight feeling of unease as the pandemic continues to surround us, but there is a strong feeling of hope that our community will be able to return to our normal context. As we begin to transition to this normal context, we plan to take some small steps and build on this momentum.

Here are some steps we have already begun:

  • Optional masks: masks are no longer required for anyone at school. Some people will choose to wear a mask, and just as we supported students that had medical mask exemptions, we will support individuals who choose to wear a mask;
  • We have started to have field trips. Some students have gone on field trips, and soon many of our students will be going on a ski trip. Later in March, all of our Kindergarten to Grade 9 students will be attending St. Francis Junior High School’s production of Beauty and the Beast;
  • No cohorting or gathering restrictions: we are starting to gather together as a community. On Ash Wednesday, our entire school population will be gathering as a faith community to begin our Lenten journey. Parents are welcome to join us at 2 pm on March 2; we ask all parents to sit in our mezzanine;
  • Near the end of March, we will have in-person Parent-Teacher Interviews;
  • On March 31, we will be hosting parents for our Grade 7 Orientation at 7 pm in our canteen.

Here are a few events we are starting to look into:

  • A Jr. High dance after Lent;
  • Year-end trips;
  • Grade 9 Farewell;
  • In-person School Council;
  • Student assemblies;
  • Going to Church for Mass.

There are some activities we are not ready to begin yet. One activity is overnight field trips. Our school division has decided there will be no overnight field trips until the pandemic has been declared over. Therefore, currently, there are no plans to resume Grade 6 Camp.

Some things that are staying the same:

  • Muster points. Although we still have to examine our recent parent and staff surveys, we plan on keeping muster points. Muster points allow for daily parent-teacher communication and dramatically improve hallway congestion. Once we review our survey results, we will reexamine muster points;
  • Isolation requirements: If you are COVID-19 positive, the mandatory requirements to isolate have not changed. Information about isolation requirements is available here.
  • Access to the building. Recently, our school division changed the protocol of having all schools closed to the public. If they choose to, schools with their office directly at the front doors can open their front doors. This decision was made for safety reasons to ensure a school can monitor entry into the school. Father Leonard Van Tighem does not fall into this category. We will be following an ‘access with a purpose’ model. Therefore, we will be continuing to follow the below process:

Thank you for all your support as we continue to provide quality Catholic Education as we make our way through the ongoing pandemic.

Lenten Message

On Wednesday, we begin our Lenten Journey as we accept the ashes.  Our FLVT Ash Wednesday Service will be in our gymnasium at 2 pm on March 2, 2022.  We want to thank Fr. William for coming to our school and being our spiritual guide.  As COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted, we are excited to come together as a faith community.  February 2020, for an Ash Wednesday Service, was the last time our students gathered together.  Our parents are welcome to attend the service; please go to our viewing area in our mezzanine when you enter the school.  Masks are optional to wear.

As we begin our Lenten Journey, it is an excellent opportunity for us to reflect on the third year of our faith plan: Together on the Journey – Awakening: Be Committed… Be Accountable.  One way for us to contemplate is to look at our charitable actions of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy:

Although I may not accomplish all the corporal and spiritual works of mercy this Lent, I challenge all our students, staff, and parent community to try.

Finally, given the current events in Ukraine, I ask everyone to say an extra prayer for the people of Ukraine and all the victims of war.

Lenten blessing,

Greg Kostiuk