Catholic Education Sunday

This Sunday, November 2nd, we celebrate Catholic Education Sunday in Alberta.  This year the theme of Catholic Education Sunday is United in Prayer and Grateful for Catholic Education.  Here is a video from The Archbishop of Edmonton:

Also, here is an excerpt from the letter from the Bishops of Alberta and NWT:

Everyone has a role to play in Catholic education and this includes each of us.  Keep          our Catholic schools in your prayers that God may lead them in faithfulness, wisdom        and charity; get informed about the issues; and commit to the work of advocacy to            sustain their future.  We invite you to become a positive voice in this conversation.            Your involvement will support the many parents who see religion and the Catholic            faith as an integral value in the education and formation of their children.

The future of Catholic education will be supported by your prayers, involvement, and advocacy.  Just as St. Paul advised the Christian community at Colossae to, “devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful” (Colossians 4:2), we too, live in gratitude for our Catholic schools and are called to vigilance and prayer.

Let us work together, united in prayer and grateful for Catholic education, to continue to make Father Leonard Van Tighem School a Christ-centred learning community.  Unfortunately, I will not be at our home parish of St. Martha’s as I have been asked to deliver the Catholic Education Sunday message at St. Peter and Paul Parish.

Have a blessed weekend,

Greg Kostiuk

Our Report Card

During the last School Council, we shared our Alberta Education Accountability Report Card with parents.   Our school continues to be a very positive learning environment for our students.  This table summarizes our results:

Oct 2019 summary school.PNG

Our report was very positive.  We received an ‘Excellent’ rating in the following categories of Safe and Caring, Program of Studies, Education Quality, Drop Out Rate, Citizenship, Parental Involvement, and School Improvement.  We were slightly below in Work Preparation, but this was mainly due to the number of ‘don’t know’ responses.  Our Provincial Achievement Tests ‘Acceptable’ rating was above the provincial average, and our ‘Excellence’ rating improved dramatically.

Thank you to all the students, staff, and parents that make Father Leonard Van Tighem a wonderful place to learn.

Greg Kostiuk