Lenten Message

On Wednesday, we begin our Lenten Journey as we accept the ashes.  Our FLVT Ash Wednesday Service will be in our gymnasium at 2 pm on March 2, 2022.  We want to thank Fr. William for coming to our school and being our spiritual guide.  As COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted, we are excited to come together as a faith community.  February 2020, for an Ash Wednesday Service, was the last time our students gathered together.  Our parents are welcome to attend the service; please go to our viewing area in our mezzanine when you enter the school.  Masks are optional to wear.

As we begin our Lenten Journey, it is an excellent opportunity for us to reflect on the third year of our faith plan: Together on the Journey – Awakening: Be Committed… Be Accountable.  One way for us to contemplate is to look at our charitable actions of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy:

Although I may not accomplish all the corporal and spiritual works of mercy this Lent, I challenge all our students, staff, and parent community to try.

Finally, given the current events in Ukraine, I ask everyone to say an extra prayer for the people of Ukraine and all the victims of war.

Lenten blessing,

Greg Kostiuk