Exciting News from OLA

We are excited to announce, for the seventh year in a row, OLA will be having an artist in residence program during the 2018-19 school year.  We were successful in getting another Alberta Foundation of the Arts (AFA) Grant for approximately $11,000.  Trickster Theatre from Calgary will be coming during the week of February 11, 2019.



Congratulations OLA.  Sorry I will miss the excitement.

Greg Kostiuk

Telling Our Story: May 2018


Sorry for this edition of ‘Telling Our Story’ is a little late.   As June is quickly passing by, it is great to reflect on a wonderful May.  Please enjoy these May pics:

Beach Day

Beach dayBeach day1Hats on

Jump Rope For Heart Day


Marathon Club

Marathon Club

Outside Classroom

Outside 1D MathOutside 2L PE


Strings Club

Strings Club

U of L Grade 6 Trip

U of L FLVT Play 6s

We Are All Treaty People Activities

We Are All Treaty People FlagWe Are All Treaty People

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Farewell OLA


Wow!  My years at Our Lady of the Assumption School has come and gone so quickly.  As I leave this school to become the Principal of Father Leonard Van Tighem School in Lethbridge, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in our OLA learning community; the parents, the staff and especially the students for a terrific eight years.  The motto of Our Lady of the Assumption School is “A community of hope and learning.”  Throughout my tenure, I witnessed countless incidents of hope amongst our students, staff, and parents.  Hope for a better future.  With hope, learning has been very evident.  Not only the glean in a student’s eye when they realize they are learning, but also the active professional learning of all the staff.   I leave this school with a lot of stories and fond memories; the many students I have taught, the excellent field trips, the many faith-building activities, the numerous staff members I collaborated with, and the very supportive parents.  I was searching for some farewell words; I came across this quote that I would like to pass on to all:

So, if this were indeed my Final Hour, these would be my words to you. I would not claim to pass on any secret of life, for there is none, or any wisdom except the passionate plea of caring … Try to feel, in your heart’s core, the reality of others. This is the most painful thing in the world, probably, and the most necessary. In times of personal adversity, know that you are not alone. Know that although in the eternal scheme of things you are small, you are also unique and irreplaceable, as are all of your fellow humans everywhere in the world. Know that your commitment is above all to life itself.

Margaret Laurence


Best Wishes,

Greg Kostiuk

Telling Our Story: April 2018


With the Easter Break being in April the past month went by very quickly.  It was wonderful coming back from the break to a Resurrection Liturgy hosted by our 1D class.  It reminded us that we are an Easter people.  Here are some of the activities during April:

Easter Fun in ELP

Easter in ELP

Evergreen Theatre Presentation

Evergreen TheatreEvergreenTheatre

Movie Night

Movie Night

Resurrection Liturgy – 1D

Resurrection BlanketResurrection LiturgyResurrection Liturgy2

Western Day

western daysWestern

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Greg Kostiuk

Listen, Decide, Act

ola names2

May is the month of Mary, the namesake of Our Lady of the Assumption School.  Mary is a model of compassion and mercy towards all.  In The Church of Mercy by Pope Francis, one section focuses on Mary, Mother of Evangelization.  Pope Francis tells us “three words sum Mary’s attitude: listening, decision, and action.”  Throughout her life, Mary listened to God.  After listening and reflecting Mary “decides to entrust herself totally to God.”  Finally, Mary acts.  Once she understands what God wants of her she does not hesitate.  She quickly acts.  Just as Mary listens, decides, and acts; we too are called to do the same.

Here is an example of how we are listening, deciding, and acting.  Early this year we heard of the idea to name all the rooms in our school after Saints.  After consulting our community, we decided to do it.  Finally, we did it.  We just renamed many of the rooms in the school after Saints or biblical places.  By doing so, we hope that throughout their stay at OLA, our students will learn the importance of Saints, the stories of the Saints, and the significance of some biblical places in the life of Christ.  Thank you to our school board for supporting this idea.  The name plaques have been installed, and we are now teaching students the new room names.  Special thank you to Mr. Matsalla for his work with this project.  Here are the new names of our rooms:

Classroom or Room Saint Name/Biblical Name Classroom or Room Saint Name/Biblical Name
#1 – BLAST St. Philomena – Patron St. of Daycare #7 – 3N – Mrs. Nemecek St. Bernadette – Saw visions of Mary at Lourdes
#2 – K –  Mrs. Bukatka St. Beatrice – Patron St. of Happiness #8 – 3/4T – Mr. Tratch St. John Paul II – Modern St. of unification, love of children
#3 – ELP – Mrs. Viney St. Padre Pio – Known for piety and charity #9 – Miss Ingham St. Kateri – First Nation St.
#4 – Music St. Cecilia – Patron St. of Music #10 – 1D – Mrs. Duke St. Anthony – St. of lost things
#5 – 4C – Mrs. Clewes St. Joan of Arc – Inspirational of those who feel powerless #11 – 1/2O – Mrs. Orr St. Therese – St. of doing small acts of good
#6 – 4/5R – Mrs. Roth St. Andre Bessette – Canadian St. credited with miraculous healings #12 – 2L – Mrs. Lank St. Benedict – Following god no matter what
#106 – 5B – Mrs. Baptista St. Michael – The Archangel, protection from evil #105 – 6N – Miss Nadeau St. John Bosco – Patron St. of Youth
Library St. Julia – Patron St. of reading Office St. Joseph – Patron St. of workers
Gym St. Sebastian – Patron St. of sports Art St. Catherine (of Bologna) – Patron St. of Artists
Lab St. Isidore – Patron St. of the Internet Secret Room Golgotha – Crucifixion of Christ
Blue Room Galilee – Region in Judea Break Room Nazareth – Place where Jesus lived
AP Office Bethlehem – Birthplace of Jesus Staff Room Jerusalem – Capital of Judea
Mary’s Place Mary’s Place – St. Mary, mother of Jesus  


Greg Kostiuk

Telling Our Story: March 2018


March was a very active month, especially as we travelled together on our Lenten Journey.  Here is the March edition of ‘Telling Our Story’:

After School Skating

after school skating

Grade 5-6 Basketball

bball boysbball girls

Blackfoot Elder Day

Elder Day

Green Day

green day

Jersey Day

Jersey Day

JRFH Kick Off Assembly


Lenten Liturgical Celebrations

lent 1lent 2lent 3

Lenten Lunch sponsored by School Council

Lenten Lunch

Annual Passion Play

Passion Play - gr 6Passion Play



Salad Day in 1D

Salad Day 1D

OLA Science Fair

Science Fair 1Science Fair 2

U of L Regional Science Fair

science fair uofLscience fair uofl2

Attending St. Francis JH production of Little Mermaid Jr.


U of L Conservatory: Strings in Schools 


Thank you for taking some time to view the wonderful March activities at Our Lady of the Assumption.

Greg Kostiuk