Class Lists for 2018-19


The staff at Father Leonard Van Tighem have worked hard to develop class lists to create rich educational environments for all the students.  A lot of thought goes into the making of homeroom classes to ensure a balanced classroom.  As a team, we discuss:

  • Student needs
  • Educational Assistant supports
  • The male/female ratio
  • Academic balance
  • Behaviour needs
  • Number of students in classes
  • Student relationships with other students
  • New students joining FLVT

To help for a smooth transition to the new school year, class lists will be posted in the gathering space at Father Leonard Van Tighem School on Friday, August 31 by 10:00 am.  We hope this helps with any student anxiety about the first day.

Also, I ask parents to be patient with any classroom change requests.  Parent requests make it difficult to keep the classes balanced.  Please contact me in mid-September if you find there is still a need to request a change.

Thank you for having your children at Father Leonard Van Tighem School.  We are looking forward to a terrific 2018-19 school year.

Greg Kostiuk


About Me

about me 2

Thank you very much to everyone that completed the parent or staff survey.  The survey results gave me a better picture of the Father Leonard Van Tighem learning community.  I hope to provide some feedback for parents at the first School Council meeting and with staff once school has started.  I encourage individuals that asked me a particular question or brought up a specific issue to contact me to meet or send me an email

family2I thought I might share a little bit about myself with you.  I was born and raised in Saskatoon, Go Riders, and earned my undergraduate degrees at the University of Saskatchewan.  Later, I gained my Masters in Special Education.  My wife, Valerie, is a manager for Martin Brothers Funeral Services.  My daughter, Melissa, is a Crown Prosecutor in Calgary.  My son, Nathan, recently convocated with an M. Sc. (Chemistry) and just moved to Calgary.  I enjoy spending time with my family, reading a good book, walking my whoodle, the occasional round of golf, and playing hockey (Go Blackhawks).  I am an active member of St. Martha’s Parish.

I have been teaching since 1990, and an administrator since 1996.  That suddenly feels like a long time.  Although it has been 28 years, in many ways, I still have that excitement of my first teaching job.  I believe I have had a balanced career.  I have been an educator in two K to 12s, two K to 9s, two K to 6s, and a junior high school.  Within Holy Spirit Catholic Schools, I have been an educator at St. Francis Junior High School, Children of St. Martha School, St. Joseph’s School, Our Lady of the Assumption School, and now Father Leonard Van Tighem School.  I am very proud to be a part of Catholic Education and Holy Spirit Catholic School Division.

I am really looking forward to being part of the learning community of Father Leonard Van Tighem, and I would like to thank both staff and parents for your warm welcome.  I am positive and optimistic.  As an educational leader, I believe in Servant Leadership; helping, supporting, and collaborating with all.  In addition to Servant Leadership, I strive to follow Shepherd Leadership; observe all, ignore most, challenge some, and encourage all.  Whenever tomorrow arrives, change is bound to follow. I do not believe in change for the sake of change.  But I do not believe in the status quo for the sake of the status quo, either.  I find that we learn by stepping outside of our comfort zones to try new things, even if we might occasionally fail.

I know change can be difficult, and I know there will be a few bumps, but I thank you for your patience as I become aware of the culture of our school.  I hope this post has given you a better understanding of me and I look forward to getting to know everyone at Father Leonard Van Tighem School.  Please do not hesitate to contact me or drop by the office to say hello.  Also, I invite you to follow me on Twitter (@gregkostiuk).

Have a blessed and safe rest of the summer break.

Greg Kostiuk

FLVT – Teaching Staff 2018-19: Update


November 13, 2018

Miss Gabruck is now on her personal leave.  At this point, we have not filled her position.  We will be readvertising this position in December and hope to have a larger pool of applicants.  Starting tomorrow, we will temporarily be having an experienced teacher come in.  Mr. Dave Hooper will be filling in till Christmas break.  We have made a few changes:

  • Mrs. Kaprick will be teaching Cosmetology 1 in Jr. High quarter 2 options;
  • Mrs. Johnson will be teaching Cosmetology 2 in Jr. High quarter 2 options;
  • Mr. Hooper will be teaching Yoga in Jr. High quarter 2 options;
  • Mr. Hooper will be teaching Gr. 5 French Second Language till Christmas.

Please contact the school if you have any questions regarding this matter.

October 18, 2018

Starting November 13, Miss Gabruck will be going on a personal leave for the rest of the school year.  Miss Gabruck teaches a variety of subjects including Math 7-9, Religion 8 and 9, Health and Wellness 9, Jr. High Options (cosmetology, basketball, and yoga) and is the 7G homeroom teacher.  Today, we advertised for a replacement and we hope to fill it soon.  We wish Miss Gabruck all the best.

October 3, 2018

We are happy to announce that we have hired Miss Mariah Besplug to replace Mrs. Lawrence.  Miss Besplug’s first day with students will be on Wednesday, October 10.  Miss Besplug and Mrs. Lawrence will be meeting on October 9 to ensure a smooth transition.  We had to make a few minor switches to the Grade 6 timetables.  Welcome, Miss Besplug!

September 17, 2018

Mrs. Lawrence (Grade 6) will be going on a personal leave for the rest of the school year.  Today, we advertised for a replacement and we hope to fill it soon.  We wish Mrs. Lawrence all the best.



We hope you are enjoying a nice and relaxing summer vacation.  Occasionally, we will be sharing some information via this blog.  Here is a listing of the teaching staff of Fr. Leonard Van Tighem and the structure of the homerooms:

FLVT teachers

Have a great rest of July.

Greg Kostiuk

Telling Our Story: June 2018

a welcome.JPG


This is the last edition of ‘Telling Our Story’ for the 2017-18 School Year.  We hope you have enjoyed the pics of the many wonderful events happening at Our Lady of the Assumption School.

Holy Spirit Divisional Pow-Wow

Divisional Pow Wow

Grade 6 Farewell Mass

Farewell Mass

Fun Day – 3N

Fun Day 3N

Heritage Day

Heritage DayHeritage Day2heritage day3

Sports Day

Sports daysports day2

Swim Day

swim dayswim day2

Talent Show

Talent show

Talent show2

Tractor Museum – 1D & 1/2O

Tractor Museum 1D 1-2O

Year End Assembly and Slide Show

trophy winnersYear End Assembly

Have a blessed and safe summer break.

Greg Kostiuk

Exciting News from OLA

We are excited to announce, for the seventh year in a row, OLA will be having an artist in residence program during the 2018-19 school year.  We were successful in getting another Alberta Foundation of the Arts (AFA) Grant for approximately $11,000.  Trickster Theatre from Calgary will be coming during the week of February 11, 2019.

Congratulations OLA.  Sorry I will miss the excitement.

Greg Kostiuk

Telling Our Story: May 2018


Sorry for this edition of ‘Telling Our Story’ is a little late.   As June is quickly passing by, it is great to reflect on a wonderful May.  Please enjoy these May pics:

Beach Day

Beach dayBeach day1Hats on

Jump Rope For Heart Day


Marathon Club

Marathon Club

Outside Classroom

Outside 1D MathOutside 2L PE


Strings Club

Strings Club

U of L Grade 6 Trip

U of L FLVT Play 6s

We Are All Treaty People Activities

We Are All Treaty People FlagWe Are All Treaty People

Thank you for taking a look at this edition of ‘Telling Our Story.’