Good News

Recently, we received some good news at Father Leonard Van Tighem. FLVT has received some additional funds through various sources (grants and donations). Here is what we received:

  • Alberta Education Nutrition Program Grant – Our divisional office secured funds from this program. At FLVT, we received a brand new fridge and $500/month to provide students with nutritional snacks. The students can take snacks from the ‘Grab and Go’ fridge throughout the day. The fridge will be in our Gathering Space, and we will start to fill it soon.
  • Community Foundations Grant – Our school successfully applied for the 2022 Community Priorities Grant to help support our music program. This grant provided us with $5,000. Most of the funds will be going to purchase percussion instruments. A big thank you to Mr. Magierowski and Ms. Visser for their work securing this grant.
  • West Village Mall Donation – thank you to all the merchants of West Village Mall (100 Columbia Blvd.) for your generous donation of $1,500. The donation is going towards our school enhancement program that supports student and staff projects that improve the well-being of our students. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.
  • Learning Disruption Grant – Recently, FLVT received funds from Alberta Education from a Learning Disruption Grant.  The grant intends to help at-risk students in Grades 2 to 4.  With these funds, FLVT has hired a full-time Educational Assistant from January 9, 2023, to March 31, 2023. 

It is great to share this good news.

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