CCH Summer School 2022

Pleas read the below letter from CCH regarding Summer School 2022 Registration:

We are pleased to open our Summer School 2022 online application process!
Please take some time to carefully go through the information provided below, and determine if select summer school offerings are appropriate for your student. If you have further questions about summer school operations, requirements, application process, or courses please contact Mr. Anthony Vercillo directly at 403-327-4596 or via email at

All courses require daily attendance, either physical attendance OR via online Google Meet platform (course depending). Please see the CCH Summer School 2022 Course Calendar (below) for projected class schedules and course delivery type. Due to the compressed nature of the courses, mandatory daily attendance is expected. If a student is not able to commit to full attendance, or they miss class sessions during the progression of the course itself, they will not be considered for enrollment and/or will be dropped from the course.

Please complete the following to indicate your interest in summer school for the 2022 session. Please note that summer school may be subject to enrollment limits, and as such admittance is not guaranteed. All applications require a discussion, review, and graduation progress check with administration prior to enrollment.

***Students in Religious Ed courses will require digital accessibility, therefore all students must have a device that has a camera and microphone in good working order (not a phone) capable of accessing meets, digital resources etc.***

Please note that this form is for information gathering only and does not constitute automatic acceptance into summer semester programming. Summer school course offerings are currently pending and not finalized. Therefore, no enrollments or time frames can be guaranteed at this time.

Summer School Semester runs from JULY 4-JULY 29**Course pending

Please enter your STUDENT HOLY SPIRIT EMAIL ADDRESS in the linked form below to get started!

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