FLVT 2022-23 Bell Times

This week, Holy Spirit Catholic School Division and Southland Transportation informed us of our Grade 1 to 9 bell times for the 2022-23 school year. Here they are:

  • Monday to Thursday start time of 8:55 am (when classes start)
  • Monday to Thursday end time of 3:40 pm (when classes end)
  • Friday start time of 8:55 am
  • Friday end time of 1:23 pm

We plan to have a staggered end of the day for our elementary and junior high students, so the exact end of the days is yet to be determined. We are still working on our daytime bell schedule. Also, we have not determined the start and end times for our Kindergarten and Early Learning Program. We will share all our bell times once they have been set.

Please see this document explaining the need to change bell times:

4 thoughts on “FLVT 2022-23 Bell Times

  1. How does this late start time help the rest of the kids/ parents that drop kids off at school? Does this mean our kids will be waiting outside even longer without supervision? Is the school going to open the doors so kids aren’t waiting outside? Having to drop off kids and have them wait outside when they are young has parents worried, about safety for our children.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. At FLVT, we were hoping for similar or earlier bell times. We are later in the morning because we are part of the second bus run. Ideally, we would prefer to be part of the first bus run.

      Unfortunately, we cannot provide before-school care before our warning bell. We are in the very initial stages of seeing if a private agency can come in to assist with before-school care. If the issue improves, we will contact our parents.

      Please contact the school if you have any further questions.

      • That decision is not supporting the whole school community. It is helping only the bus group. Lot of children are dropped off by parents earlier due to work commitments. Additionally, there are children who practice sport early afternoon, and may be impacted. I understand the problem about the bus rides, but community needs a more complete solution. That support before school seems to be private and with an additional payment stressing some parents budget. These new times may trigger a safety issue with children left earlier at the school. At the end this is not a solution, and may create a bigger problem with children more exposed to dangerous situation in special in winter. This needs to be reviewed for a different solution.

      • Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
        The bus routes definitely drive the bell times. Unfortunately, we have been informed the bell times were final. FLVT School does not have the human resources to provide before school care. It the situation improves we will inform our community.

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