Rapid Tests and Masks

Last week, our government shared their plans of supplying all students and staff with rapid tests and masks.  Tomorrow, our supply of rapid tests and masks will be arriving.

We will receive the following:

  • One five-pack of rapid tests (a 2 ½ week supply, testing twice per week on a Monday and a Thursday) for every student and staff member;
  • Twenty masks (a 10-day supply – 2 per day) for each student and staff member, ECS to grade 6 will receive pediatric masks; grade 7 – 9 and all staff will receive adult masks. 

ECS to grade 6 will receive two bundles of 10 pediatric masks.  The school will need to repackage the adult masks for our junior high students and staff.

Tomorrow, we plan on distributing the rapid tests and masks to students.

IMPORTANT – if you do not want your child to receive a rapid test kit to take home, please get in touch with Mrs. Swanson by email at swansonc@holyspirit.ab.ca  by January 13, 2022, 9 am.  Also, if you do not want your child to receive the masks, please inform your child to tell us, and we will use them in our office.

Please contact the school if your child is absent and you want to arrange a pick-up time for either the rapid tests or masks.

The rapid tests are meant for home use; there will be no testing of students at school.  Here is a video from the government about administering a rapid test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4q7EuAbgE8

Finally, if you complete the rapid test and it’s negative, please continue to do the Alberta Health Daily Checklists.

If you complete the rapid test and it’s positive, please follow the required isolation policy:

Thank you,

FLVT School

1 thought on “Rapid Tests and Masks

  1. Thank you….i would like to have my grandson’s Tayden and Max Frank to receive masks and test kits… much appreciated.

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