Draft Curriculum Changes – Update

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the new draft curriculum. Please see the below message from our Minister of Education regarding changes to the draft curriculum:

December 13, 2021

Thanks to the important feedback we have received from Albertans on the draft Kindergarten to Grade 6 curriculum, Alberta’s government is taking significant steps to strengthen the draft, adjust the timelines for implementation and move forward on a new curriculum for elementary students. You can read more or watch today’s news conference online.

In recognition of the unique pressures the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on students, teachers and families, we are making changes to curriculum implementation timelines. New curriculum in three subjects will be the focus of province wide implementation in September 2022: English Language Arts and Literature, Mathematics, and Physical Education and Wellness.

Implementing a strong English and Mathematics curriculum will help our younger students, whose learning may have been disrupted during the pandemic, to build strong foundational reading, writing and numeracy skills. Physical Education and Wellness curriculum will support early learners with wellness in response to the pandemic and introduce them to financial literacy skills. Prior to implementation in September 2022, the draft Mathematics curriculum will be updated this spring to reflect the ongoing feedback we receive.

To help set the course for successful implementation, the government will seek advice from an advisory group of education and curriculum experts early next year. This group will also provide recommendations on implementation strategies for the remaining K-6 subjects.

Based on feedback from Education partners, piloting school authorities and Albertans, we have made content changes to English Language Arts and LiteraturePhysical Education and WellnessFine Arts (Music) and Science curriculum to add clarity and strengthen the content. All other subjects, including draft French language curriculum, will also be updated and new drafts will be released in the spring.

In response to the substantive feedback we have received about Social Studies, we have developed a draft design blueprint that outlines scope and sequence and lays out a plan to make curriculum content changes. This draft blueprint and what we hear from Albertans in the new year, will inform a new draft Social Studies curriculum that will continue to make sure students learn historical content, build civic skills, explore First Nations, Métis and Inuit and Francophone perspectives and learn about different cultures and communities. We will also continue to work with you and other stakeholders to gather feedback that will inform revisions to First Nations, Métis and Inuit and Francophone perspectives in subject areas outside of Social Studies.

There will be new engagement opportunities where Albertans can provide their feedback on the updated draft content, as well as the design blueprint for Social Studies, starting in January 2022. Virtual information sessions will also be offered starting this week. Please encourage your school communities to register for the virtual sessions and sign up to find out about new engagements when details are available at alberta.ca/curriculum-have-your-say.

In the spring, we will carefully consider feedback from all engagement opportunities and classroom piloting to finalize the Social Studies design blueprint. This will be released with the updated drafts of other subjects. Please read the updated curriculum on new.learnalberta, share these links with your school communities, and visit the main website: alberta.ca/curriculum.

On behalf of Alberta’s government, thank you for the extensive and thoughtful feedback you and your school communities have provided. I am confident that, together, we can continue to develop an updated curriculum for elementary students that will provide them with the knowledge and skills they need for their future success.


Adriana LaGrange

Minister of Education

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