FLVT Fall Fundraiser

Good afternoon everyone,

Please review this document, including a YouTube link, explaining our Fall Fundraiser that runs from today till September 15, 2021:

We expect most students to participate and sell our fundraising card using the MoneyDolly App.  Some key reasons to use the MoneyDolly App and not sell the physical card are:

  • The card is on the device (phone) for ease of use;
  • The card may get better as more stores are added to it;
  • The card can be used in different cities;
  • The payment of the card is made in the App;
  • There are multiple ways to sell the card (texting, social media).

For a preview of our physical card and the pre-sale sheet (used if you are choosing not to use the MoneyDolly App) please view the following document (updated Sept. 2):

Thank you for supporting our Fall Fundraiser.

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