COVID-19 Rapid Screening Tests in Schools Program

June 6, 2021 Update

The second date for the Rapid Testing Program has changed from June 8, 2021, to June 7, 2021. This time the testing will occur in our library. Everyone tested on June 1 will have the opportunity to get tested again. Those students who want to get tested and did not previously submit their permission slip will need to provide a permission slip.

May 27, 2021 Update

The ‘COVID-19 Rapid Screening Tests in School Program’ will be occurring on Tuesday, June 1 at Father Leonard Van Tighem School in our gymnasium. Forms were sent home today for our Grade 1 to 9 students and forms will be sent home for our kindergarten students on Monday. Please read the following information that was originally sent home approximately a month ago:

The provincial government has chosen Father Leonard Van Tighem school to participate in the ‘COVID-19 Rapid Screening Tests in School Program.’ One of the program’s main objectives is to help with the early detection of the virus, thus helping to fight the pandemic.  Early indications are that the program will start sometime next week.

Please see this document for information regarding the program:

Here are a few points to stress:

  • Participation in this program is voluntary.  The school will be sending out permission slips via homeroom teachers; please check your child’s bag;
  • An outside vendor administers the test, not school staff.  Also, the testing is a nasal swab; the swab is not the one that goes deep into your nasal cavity;
  • The testing will probably be done twice, one week apart;
  • Even with parent permission, students may change their mind at the last second;
  • If you want your child to participate, please fill in the forms;
  • If you do not want your child to participate, please do not fill in the forms;
  • Once we have the exact testing days, we will inform our parents, students, and staff.

Please contact the school if you have any questions.

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Rapid Screening Tests in Schools Program

  1. I think there should be increased focus on implementing safeguards for teachers to avoid unnecessary quarantines. When one teacher quarantines, it sometimes affects multiple classes and a large number of kids.
    Protection as much as detection should be the focus! It’s been a year, doing the same thing can’t be the answer or solution anymore.
    Having the same kids quarantine multiple times even though they test negative and don’t get sick is very disruptive and unhealthy.
    A school should be an essential service, not something that can just flip between 8hrs a day with a professional teacher with a degree, to a kid spending an hour or so online with whomever happens to be home at the time.
    Since when did education be so disposable and teachers so replaceable?
    Rapid testing is a great start, but without proper prevention, your are only going to increase the frequency of isolation and quarantine times.

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