We Are All Treaty People

Thank you to all the students who entered our We Are All Treaty People Poster Contest. We had well over 250 entries.  We hope that the students learned about the long-standing partnership between all of us.  Also, thank you to FLVT School Council for sponsoring the contest.  It wasn’t easy to pick from the many excellent posters.  Here are our winners:

Division One:

1st Piers L. – 2nd Sara B. – Tie for 3rd Quinn R. and Kadence S.

Division Two:

1st Lilly J. – 2nd Isabella P. – Tie for 3rd Logan W.C. and Hayden M.

Division Three:

1st Ezra R. – 2nd Grace B. – Tie for 3rd Alyssa P. and Aislynn H.

Honourable Mention to the following students ($10 canteen voucher for each student):

Kaylee S., Brynlee B. Ethan B. and Elliott R.
Kden T., Kirstin D. and Neala C.
Braxten S., Matteo G. and Ahlia D.

Thank you again for supporting our We Are All Treaty People Poster Contest.

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