October Message

There is an old story or fable told about a far-off land which was ruled by a tyrant. The tyrant had an ironclad grip over all parts of his kingdom, except for one frustrating area. He was unable to destroy the people’s belief in God. He summoned his counsellors and put the question to them: “Where can I hide God so that the people will end up forgetting him?”

One counsellor suggested that God be hidden on the dark side of the moon. This proposal was debated for some time, but voted down because it was believed that one day scientists would discover a means of space travel and God would end up being found again.

Another advisor to the tyrant came up with idea of burying God beneath the depths of the ocean floor. This was voted down for basically the same reason – it was felt that scientific advancement would lead to the discovery of God, even beneath the depths of the ocean floor.

Finally, the oldest and wisest of the counsellors had a flash of insight. “I know”, he said, “Why don’t we hide God where no one will ever think of finding him?” He explained, “If we hide God in the ordinary events of people’s everyday lives they’ll never find him.” And so it was done – and they say that people are still looking for God – even today.

Although the start of this school year during the COVID-19 pandemic cannot really be described as ordinary, I do believe I have witness God in the many events during our school re-entry plan.  I especially see God is the many relationships between students, parents, and staff.  I have the pleasure of leading pray at different events and I am always interested in the prayer intentions.  Hearing who people are praying for and thankful for. This year focusing on being grateful and being gracious I truly see God in the ordinary events at school.

Fall is one of my favourite seasons.  Although I enjoy the colours of fall, the best part of fall for me is Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is a time to get together with family and friends and be thankful for all the blessing we have.  A big part of our blessing is seeing God and what He does in the normal and routine parts of our lives, including our daily adjustments to life in a pandemic.  At Father Leonard Van Tighem School I am thankful for the many blessing God has given us.

On behalf of everyone at school, I wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving as we thank God for the many gifts we have received.

Greg Kostiuk

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