Asking Our Parents (January 2020)

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Asking Our Parents

In January, in order to help give our parents a better voice, we conducted a parent survey called ‘Asking Our Parents.’  We were pleased to have 160 parents respond to the survey, that’s approximately 100 more than last year.  Soon we will be doing a student survey to get their input.  Here are the results of our parent survey and the planned action:

2020-21 School PD Days


Action: We will advocate for the bulk of our PD Days to be on Fridays next year.

School Communication


Action: We will be continuing, but trying to improve current school communication practices.

Email Blackouts – A positive change?


Action: We will be continuing the Email Blackouts policy.

Continue with the Jr. High Awards Night?


Action: We plan on continuing the Jr. High Awards Night every October.

Faith Plan – Has it helped FLVT to become a more safe and caring, prayerful school?


Action: Although the ‘yes to no’ ratio is very positive; it is clear we need to increase communication regarding the implementation of our faith plan.

One to One Initiative (purchasing Chromebooks through FLVT) – Jr. High


Action: We will plan to deliver the One to One Initiative later this school year.

Our parent survey is helping to give parents a voice at Father Leonard Van Tighem School.  Thank you to everyone that did the survey and please contact the school if you have any questions.

Thank you for your insights,

Greg Kostiuk

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