Emailing/Texting – Scheduled Blackouts

no emailing texting

Last year our Superintendent implemented an informal policy with school administrators that he would not send emails, unless they were emergent, on weekends.  That did not mean he or school administrators were not working on the weekend but it allowed us to turn off our communication with our boss.  It has been welcomed and appreciated by both parties.  Normal work communication was simply scheduled to be sent Monday morning.  Given this success, our Superintendent has asked us to expand this policy amongst school divisional staff, school staff, and the school parent community.

For the well being of all the members of our community, the staff of Father Leonard Van Tighem School will be following a soft email/texting policy of not sending or responding to work-related emails/texts, unless they are emergent, from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am during weekdays and from 5:00 pm Friday to 6:00 am Monday weekends.

I know I and others will continue to work in the evenings and weekends but I will simplysend be scheduling my email/text messages and responses to be sent the next morning (or Monday morning).  Personally, I may struggle at first with this new policy as I have become quite dependent on my technology.  Parts of me would rather chip away at the emails/texts at my leisure and I have a fear of beginning my Monday morning with a large number of messages.  Another part of me welcomes this policy as I  just may be able to turn off the technology and not worry I am missing something.

Please know that whether you are a staff member or a parent, your messages are important and will be received and responded to.  The difference now is there will be no expectations of an instantaneous response from anyone.  For everyone’s well being, it is alright to disconnect for a period of time each and every day.  Finally, I ask everyone’s patience as we implement this soft policy as it might take some time for us do develop this new habit of having a scheduled blackout of emailing/texting.

Thank you for trying to follow this new policy.

Greg Kostiuk

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