One to One Initiative

Last June we piloted a new project for our Grade 8 and 9 students called ‘One to One Initiative.’  We are happy to announce we are doing it again this September for our Grade 8 and 9 students.  Please see details below:

Sept 11 pg 1Sept 11 pg 2

Please click on this link if you want to submit a request form to purchase a Chromebook:

Just a reminder that this does not include the case and the Chromebooks are different than the Edwin Pilot Chromebooks our Grade 7 students used last year.

Please contact the school if you have any questions regarding this exciting project.

Greg Kostiuk

4 thoughts on “One to One Initiative

  1. Hi Mr. Kostiuk, I was wondering if you could provide a little more info regarding the Chromebooks or could provide me with a link to a website that has the specs: processor, memory, storage, etc.? Thanks!

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