2019-20 Student Registration


Thank you for being part of our learning community.  The 2018-19 school year has been terrific, and we are now planning for the 2019-20 school year. Returning your form right away will ensure placement for your child at Father Leonard Van Tighem School and helps us prepare for the coming year. We would appreciate the registrations being returned to the school office as soon as possible, but please ensure they are returned by March 29, 2019. If your child will not be attending this school next year for any reason, please indicate this on the form and also return it to us. Please see instructions below for filling out your registration as there have been some changes to our student information system.

Alberta Education requires that parent/guardians complete a registration update form annually.  To accommodate changes within the software, we have been updating the new contact area in PowerSchool (our student information system).  Previously each contact was a separate entry for each student. As a result, each contact was entered multiple times into the system. Now each contact will be in the database only once and potentially tied to many students.

As this is still a work in progress, we need your assistance in ensuring that we have accurate contact information in our software.  When reviewing and updating the registration update form, we ask that you confirm that all the following contact information is completed:

  1. Both a home and mailing address is entered for parent/guardians. Addresses will be displayed for additional contacts if you have provided it or if that contact is also a parent in our database.
  2. Please enter the home, work and cell numbers that are available for each contact.  We require at least one phone number per contact.  We also request that you provide the best daytime phone number for each contact.
  3. Do not combine multiple people into one contact line. Please have only one person per contact entry.  We now can enter an unlimited number of contacts so if you require more than the five spots available, please attach a list with the additional contact information.
  4. Please ensure your contacts are in the priority you would like. Please renumber the order with contact priority if needed.
  5. If the relationship has ‘Not Set,’ that indicates that the information has either not been provided or has not been entered.  Please record the relationship.
  6. Please check all information on the registration form and make any changes as necessary. Please also ensure you check off the proper boxes for the annual declarations (Aboriginal status, Francophone eligibility) and sign and check off all areas on the flip side of the registration.

We appreciate you taking the extra time to review and complete this vital information.  If you have any questions, please contact the school.  Thank you again for being part of our learning community.

Respectfully yours,

Greg Kostiuk


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