Asking Our Parents: The Results


In January, in order to help give our parents a better voice, we conducted a parent survey called ‘Asking Our Parents.’  We were pleased to have 65 parents respond to the survey.  Some of the survey questions dealt with our School Council and those results will be shared at our School Council meeting on February 12 at 7 pm.  Here are the results of the other questions and the planned action:

Indoor Recesses Days

indoor recess

Action: We will continue to use -15C as our guiding temperature for indoor recesses.

 Virtue Vouchers

virtue vouchers

Action: We will be continuing this positive incentive program.

Class Lists

class lists

Action: We plan on posting class lists before school starts.

 ‘Away During the Day’ Student Cell Phone Policy

away during the day

Action: We will be continuing ‘Away During the Day’ policy.

School Photos


Action: We will be looking at changing to LifeTouch for next year.

 School Communication


Action: We will be continuing, but trying to improve current school communication practices.

Our parent survey is helping to give parents a voice at Father Leonard Van Tighem School.  We hope to continue to use this strategy.

Thank you for your insights,

Greg Kostiuk

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