Safety First

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On Monday, January 7, 2019, we welcome back our students and staff.  We hope everyone had a blessed and safe Christmas break.  As our school community continues to grow we wanted to bring up a safety concern.  Our parking lot can be very congested and can become a safety concern in the morning and after school.  Two main areas of concern are:

  • The very north part of the parking lot (near the baseball diamond) is a ‘No Parking Zone.’  Parents have been blocked in and unable to leave their parking spots.  This area does not allow enough room for both parking and vehicles exiting stalls.  These extra vehicles can create blind spots that students may be walking in.
  • The very east part of the parking lot (nearest the front doors) is a ‘No Parking Zone.’  This area is a fire lane.  Although parents may quickly drop off or pick up students, they may not wait here and definitely not park here.  Currently, we are looking to get proper signage for this fire lane.

We are asking everyone to please take extra care and only park in the appropriate parking areas.  Often, there are empty stalls in the west area of the parking lot.  Always ensure you have a safe route planned to drop off or pick up your child.  Please see this map to see the proper places to park and traffic flow direction:

parking lot 2

Our school division is looking at the issues in our parking lot.  As part of our Infrastructure Renewal and Maintenace (IMR) Plan, there is a plan to reconstruct our parking lot and roadways during the summer of 2019.

Thank you for driving carefully and keeping our children safe.

Greg Kostiuk


2 thoughts on “Safety First

  1. You may want to educate your staff on the proper way to enter and exit the parking lot. I regulary see certain staff entering the parking lot through the exit in the morning rush. This is also a safety hazard.

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