Remembering the Historical and Divine Christ

During the Easter Week, we focus on the Passion of Christ’s last days; many of us reflect and pray the Stations of the Cross (Traditional or Scriptural versions).  Sometimes we forget about the most important part of Easter, the Resurrection.  After Easter is a great opportunity to pray the Stations of the Resurrection.  I’ve always been interested in

stations both

history.  This interest includes the historical Christ.  I think that is why I enjoy praying either version of the Stations of the Cross.  These stations ground me in my faith, they are tactile proof of the historical Christ.  Although this helps me with the foundations of my beliefs, I must focus on the Divinity of Christ.  I find praying the Stations of the Resurrection is an excellent way to do this.

stations for blog
As we finish our Lenten journey this year, I ask you remember and pray for the historical Christ.  Also, do not forget about the Divine Christ and please consider reflecting, praying, and celebrating the Stations of the Resurrection after Easter Sunday.  Also, I invite you to join Our Lady of the Assumption School as Mrs. Duke’s 1D class leads us in our Resurrection Service on April 12 at 9:00 am.

Lenten/Easter blessings on behalf of the staff,

Greg Kostiuk

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