Please FAIL: My Mistake

Last week I posted Please FAIL.  As part of the post I showed a picture of a mistake I made this summer.  The purpose of showing my mistake to students was to help alleviate anxiety about making mistakes.  I posted the picture and asked people to try to figure out ‘My Mistake’.  To my surprise a few students approached me last week trying to figure it out. So here is my mistake:


This summer I drove from Lethbridge to Vancouver. It was a long and beautiful drive. While in Vancouver I had a birthday.  On my birthday I noticed my driver’s license was going to expire that day.  So, on July 14 I was in Vancouver without a driver’s licence. Without a license, I would be driving illegally and I would be driving without insurance.  I could not drive.  Also, I discovered there was no way to renew my licence in B.C.  You must physically be in Alberta to renew your license.  I stayed in Vancouver for awhile, putting on a lot of steps as I walked everywhere.  Knowing I had some Air Miles that were about to expire, I booked a WestJet to Calgary.  I flew to Calgary, took a bus to downtown Calgary to renew my license, visited my daughter, and flew back to Vancouver the next day.  I stayed a couple more days in Vancouver and then I drove back to Lethbridge, via Calgary.

I made a mistake not renewing my license and I’ve learned from my mistake.  I’ve already put reminders on my phone for July 2021.  I’ve signed up for email reminders from my insurance company for my license and my plates.  Simply put, I learned from my mistake and I hope my students will learn from their mistakes.

Greg Kostiuk



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