The 3Fs

This year our school’s theme is A Horizon of Hope.  One of the ways we are trying to build A Horizon of Hope is by focusing on Pope Francis’ call to celebrate a Holy Year of MercyIn particular, how we are all called to action by way of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.  Lent provides us a great opportunity to discover how we can accomplish the works of mercy as we build A Horizon of Hope.

Earlier this year I had to cover a class for a teacher.  In the class there were many studentsForgiveness2 that I had taught Religion Gr. 3.  I asked the question of the students “What one thing did you learn in Grade 3 Religion?”  Right away, many of the students said Love, Love, Love.  They recalled how we focused on how Christ always calls us to love.  He calls us just not to be nice, but to love.  We had a class discussion about this and dug a little deeper.  One of the spiritual works of mercy is to forgive all injuries.  In order to Love, Love, Love we must be willing to follow the 3Fs: Forgive, Forgive, Forgive.  If we truly love one another, we must be willing to totally forgive.  If someone has wronged us, we must forgive.  If we have wronged someone, we must ask for forgiveness.  Forgiveness is not only an act to help others; it is an act to give us peace.  Before we can love one another, forgiveness is often a necessary step.  This lent as we focus on the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, let’s pay particular interest in the act of forgiveness. 

Also, I invite everyone to continue the three traditional practices during Lent: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

  • Prayer – Every Friday staff and students meet for prayer at 8:15 am in our chapel. Please join us for prayer.  Also, join us for our Lenten prayer services.
  • Fasting – Lent can be more than a time of fasting; it can be a season of feasting. We can use Lent to fast from certain things and to feast on others. It is a season in which we can:
    • Fast from criticism, and feast on praise;
    • Fast from anger, feast on joy;
    • Fast from jealousy, and feast on love;
    • Fast from selfishness, and feast on service;
    • Fast from fear, and feast on faith;

What will you fast from, and feast on?

  • Almsgiving – We recently just finished a very successful Food Bank drive. Our small school collected almost 700 lbs of food.  Wow!  Thank you for everyone for donating to it.  We will continue to help our needy.


Lenten Blessing,

Greg Kostiuk

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