Talented Teachers of OLA 2015-16 – Update

We hope everyone has been enjoying summer break.  We are pretty excited about school starting soon.  Already, on any given day, I find teachers working hard at school.

We have had a staffing change over the summer.  Our new Gr. 1/2 teacher, Mrs. Harvey, has taken a new position with Horizon School Division.  I am happy to announce our new Gr. 1/2 teacher is Mr. Mark Matsalla.

I asked Mark for some information that I could share, here is what he gave me:

“I come from Invermere, BC.  I have been working at Lethbridge College for the past two years in Curriculum and online course design.  Before that, I taught in a K-7 school in BC for several years.  I have a wife (Jodi) and four children.  I feel very blessed to joining Our Lady of the Assumption School.  A little know fact about me is I speak fluent Saskatchewan.”

Please join me in welcoming Mark to our learning community.

Here is the listing of our homerooms (class lists will be posted the first day of school):

OLA 2015-16 homerooms

Only 20 more sleeps until the first day of school!

Greg Kostiuk

2 thoughts on “Talented Teachers of OLA 2015-16 – Update

  1. Hi Greg,
    Just checked out the play ground. I did want to mention that you should have the contractors come back and clean the site. I found blade fragments and 6″ nail. Kind of a issue if a kid gets cut or hurt from this.

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