Where Did the Year Go?

time-flying-580x468Can you believe this school year is almost done?  We are having a terrific year because
of all the support all the members of our learning community have shown the school.  I want to say thank you.

Firstly, I want to thank the parents for your support.  I would especially like to thank all the members of School Council and the Parent Fundraising Committee.  Without all their hard work our school would not be the great place it is.

Secondly, thank you to the staff for the countless hours here at the school planning lessons or the many events.  Thank you to the staff for everything, whether it is the many events they organize, the excellent work in creating positive learning environments, or the simple ways they care for all the students here at OLA.

Last, but not least, thank you to the students.  You are truly a great, positive group of people.  Our future is bright in your hands.  Every day you are accomplishing our school motto, “Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow, Living our Faith.”

June traditionally brings some goodbyes to staff and some welcomes to new staff.  First the goodbyes, on behalf of the learning community of Our Lady of the Assumption School we say goodbye to Mrs. Nakama, Mrs. Bose, Mrs. Mikuliak, and Mrs. Kraemer.  Mrs. Nakama and Mrs. Bose have decided to retire.  Mrs. Mikuliak will be sharing her many talents with St. Patrick’s Fine Arts School next year.  Mrs. Kraemer has been transferred to Children of St. Martha School and will soon be on a maternity leave.  We thank you Mrs. Nakama, Mrs. Bose, Mrs. Mikuliak, and Mrs. Kraemer for sharing your many gifts with our school.  Your dedication to Catholic Education is an inspiration to all of us.  You will all be missed.  Please do not become strangers, the doors of our school are always open to you and we hope you will visit us.  Also, we hope Mrs. Kraemer will visit us with her new baby.

I am pleased to announce the following teachers will be joining us next year.

  • Tanya Harvey – Gr. 1/2 – Transferring from Lead Teacher in the Early Learning Program
  • Michelle McNulty – K PM – Also, doing a K AM program at Ecole St. Mary (if numbers warrant, we will be offering an K AM program.

We are excited about you joining our community.  We wish you a fond welcome everyone, you will love it here.

Also, the position of Associate Principal will be filled early in June.

We are in the last month of school with year-end field trips, Sports Day, final Mass and report cards.  June is an exciting time for staff and students.  On behalf of the staff, we wish you a healthy and happy sun-filled June.

God Bless,

Greg Kostiuk

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