Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry-Christmas-Happy-new-year-religious-wallpaper-hd1Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the parents, students and staff of our learning community!  I hope everyone will have a safe and restful Christmas break.  I would like to thank you for all the Christmas and New Year’s wishes we received this season.  Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who volunteered to support the many activities throughout the month of December, including our weekly Advent celebrations, our Turkey Dinner, Santa’s Workshop, various social justice projects including Mission Mexico, and Christmas at the Fort.

Earlier this month I wrote how Advent is a special time.  During this advent season I have truly seen the themes of hope, joy, peace, and love.  This advent season we intertwined the advent themes with our faith plan theme of ‘Walking Together’.  Whether it was the dramatic increase in our sock collection (last year 40 and this year 734), our grade 6 students leading us in the 12 days of Christmas and the walk to find Jesus Scavenger Hunt, or the many community events like the Turkey Dinner or Advent Mass, I saw a community ‘Walking Together’ in the advent spirit.  I am truly looking forward to tonight’s Christmas at the Fort, where I am sure I will see more ‘Walking Together’.

As we bring 2014 to a close and welcome 2015 may we count our many blessings and pray that we ‘walk together’ filled with hope, joy, peace, and love every day throughout 2015.

Blessings to everyone in our learning community as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Greg Kostiuk


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