Learning Using Twitter

twitter_learning_toolI am a learner!  In many ways I am still a traditional learner.  I take university classes, I attend conferences and workshops, and I try to keep up on current literature and research.  More and more though, I am learning using twitter.  Not nightly, but a few times a week I find myself getting resources, information, or thought provoking pics via twitter.  This blog will be short and sweet as I simply want to share some pics and ideas that I found on twitter.  Although I do not agree 100% with all of them, they make me think.  I hope you enjoy them, they challenge you, make you think, and encourage you to go on your own twitter learning journey.


collaborating in a social era TEAM teamwork mind why collaborate

Comfort Zone/Mindset

growth fixed mindsets

comfort zone 2% Comfort Zone, Stretch Zone, Panic Zone your comfort zone

Fail Forward

fail to win Famous Failures First-Attempt-In-Learning-FAIL-Poster michael-jordan-quotes Capture


christmas gifts Mother Teresa Christmas OLA school stairs OLA students 2013-14 Cross Pope Francis top ten walking together at OLA

Educational ‘stuff’

Hattie graphic Hattie quote

3Es and 21st edmonton catholic transform logo Educated Albertan 2030 logo

Project Based Learning

genius hour
PBL graphic PBL infographic


bill nye quoteken_robinson_educated out of creativitylisten malala Nelson Madela Dec 5 2013 Teach the way they learn


K needs wifi

different earth map modified Canada Flag hockey canada5

3 Rules That Only Apply in Schools
basic human needs equity not equality fear + ignorance = hate Inclusion Me to we Obvious The Pencil Metaphor Why read Yes I did it


Human Rights Poster I am a digital citizen pic Successful vs Unsuccessful

These are just a few of the resources that have made me think.  Twitter is a great place to connect with others (twitter chats), discover different perspectives, and find resources.

Here are a couple of people and links if you want to find out more about using twitter as a learning tool:

Alice Keeler @alicekeeler           http://alicekeeler.com/teachertech/?s=twitter

Jerry Blumengarten @cybraryman1            http://cybraryman.com/twitter.html

twitter_learningI hope you enjoyed this collection and I encourage you to use twitter as a learning tool.



why use twitter

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