Continuous Improvement

We recently completed our Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) at our school. Our two main goals are to nourish our Catholic Faith and to grow in understanding and knowledge. The foundation of our CIP is to support the goals of Inspiring Education. Inspiring Education can be summed up by the statement “Engaged thinkers and ethical citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit.”

  • Engaged Thinkers – “I collaborate to create new knowledge.”
  • Ethical Citizens – “I do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.”
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit – “I create new opportunities.”
  • Catholic Identity – The driving force is implementing our Faith Plan, “Walking Together.”walking together at OLA
  • Enhance Programs/Strategies – One main strategy is Project Based Learning.

Here is a graphic to help summarize our CIP:

CIP pg 2 Sept 24, 2014

I truly believe Our Lady of the Assumption School is a wonderful place.  It is a great place for students to learn, staff to teach, and parents to be part of their children’s education.  Like any terrific place, or talented athlete, we can always improve.  We hope our CIP is our road map for this improvement and growth.

Greg Kostiuk



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