The 3Es

Although we are still deep into our current school year, we have just started to plan for 2014-15. A big part of this planning is the development of our 2014-15 Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP). Next year the focus of our CIP will be the 3Es. Now, what are the 3Es?

Education in Alberta is in a state of Inspiring Ed graphictransformation. This transformation is needed so that we ensure the success of all of our students and we prepare our students for their future, not our past. This transformation in education is being called ‘Inspiring Education’ (please see the bottom of this blog for some links). A critical piece of ‘Inspiring Education’, is to have all of our students achieve the 3Es – Engaged thinker and ethical citizen with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Here are some short descriptions of the 3Es:

Engaged Thinker – Alberta must cultivate students with an inquisitive, engaged mind. Students that are prepared to ask “why?” and think critically about the answers they receive. Key terms – Critical thinker, Life-long learner, Creative, Adaptable, Technology literate, and Collaborative.

Ethical Citizen – Knowing the answer is not enough. Our children and grandchildren must be ethical, compassionate and respectful to truly grow and thrive. Key terms – Empathetic, Respectful, Communicator and team-builder, Local contributor, Environmental steward, Values diversity, and Takes personal responsibility.

Entrepreneurial Spirit – To shape innovative ideas into real-world solutions, our education system should develop motivated, resourceful and resilient citizens. Alberta would do well to encourage our students to be bold, embrace leadership and actively seek new opportunities. Key terms – Financially literate, Confident, Self-reliant, Resourceful, Resilient, and Risk taker.

We have just started to develop our CIP for next year. For all of our parents and staff we used a collaboration tool called Thoughtstream (@thoughtstream). Please email me Greg Kostiuk if you have any ideas on how we can help our students achieve the 3Es.

Here are some more links regarding ‘Inspiring Education’ (thank you to our superintendent Chris Smeaton @cdsmeaton for providing the links):
• Inspiring Education Report:

• Inspiring Education webpage:

• Inspiring Education Prezi:

• Inspiring Education Video:

• IE Symposium presentations/videos:

• Minister Speaking with parents about IE video:

• Curriculum Redesign Video:

• High-school redesign videos:

Thank you for helping us achieve the 3Es,
Greg Kostiuk

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