Week One – By the Numbers

Week One – By the Numbers


4 – Days of school

7 – Classes taught

245 – Students registered at school, the most ever at the school

11 – More students than expected

3 – Pending registrations

33 – Students in my grade 6 class, too many in one class

20 – Students in my grade 3 class

0 – Discipline issues that I dealt with

30% – How much I teach this year

6 – New registrations this week

3 – Times the photocopier broke down, and I actually fixed it

7 – Nutritional breaks, 6 containers I opened

3 – Band aides I put on

4 – Parent requests to move children to a different class

2 – Students that did not put their name on their assignment in Math 6

217 – Emails, I sent 102 emails

4 – New twitter followers

7 – Followed new people on twitter

1 – Number of computer problems I was told of

89 – High fives

2 – Naps (once I got home)

1 – Goal (Tuesday night hockey game)

13 – Times I went out for supervision

6 – Peers that I talked to on the phone

10 – Classrooms that I visited

27 – Staff members

9 – Hugs (from students, 2 from staff)

Week one was great!  I am looking forward to week two.

4 thoughts on “Week One – By the Numbers

  1. Greg,
    I thought this post was very interesting! I was entertained by notion of quantify our week and trying to determine what the numbers really do tell us. Looks to me like your numbers add up to a terrific first week of school!

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