I was thinking…We are busy

We Are Busy

January 2013 has started out with a bang and we are certainly busy at school.  Registrations are starting for 2013-14, Grade 5/6 Basketball is beginning, the Kindergarten students are skating, and some exciting things are happening in the classrooms.  Recently, I compiled a Timetoast for our school.  The Timetoast Capturetimeline for Our Lady of the Assumption School sure indicates we are quite busy in our learning community.

Given the focus on student engagement this should somehow make me happy, not necessarily.  Now I am very thankful for all the staff and parents that have organized are many events, but busy is not engagement.  There have been many blogs written about student engagement, if fact I recently wrote one.  Daniel Pink in Drive indicates the keys to engagement may be purpose, mastery, and autonomy.  Although I agree with these, I tend to try to simplify things.  I think we can break it down into purpose and “is it fun?”  Many of the events in our Timetoast are fun.  They are the events that the students will remember when they leave our community.  If we tie these fun events with purpose it may bring us our elusive student engagement.  Not only should we do this, it is essential to do this in our classrooms.  I do realize that our fun events need to be tied to learning activities and outcomes, but if we can partner the fun events in a learning environment with purpose we just may achieve engagement.  Maybe next we could tie our fun purposeful learning activities to autonomy.

Greg Kostiuk

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