I was thinking…Catholic Education Sunday

Tomorrow, November 4, we celebrate Catholic Education Sunday in Alberta.  Pope Benedict has declared this year to be the Year of Faith.  The Catholic Bishops of Alberta and the Northwest Territories indicate, “Our Catholic schools offer a daily opportunity for staff and students to encounter Jesus Christ and respond to him with faith.”  Truly, we need to celebrate.

Not only do we provide excellent learning environments, students involved in Catholic Education learn about Jesus Christ and to follow His model.  We learn about and use our gifts and talents to help others.  By doing this we welcome everyone and strive to create safe, Christ centred, learning environments.

 We celebrate Catholic Education daily when we give Christ:

  • Our time through prayers and actions;
  • Our talents through our accomplishments;
  • Our thanks for the many blessings He has given us;
  • Ourselves through our positive examples of how we treat each other every day.

 Let us work together in the spirit of Catholic education to make our school a place to be truly thankful for and an example for everyone to follow.  Once we have done this at our school, we will have accomplished our vision of being a safe and caring, Christ-centered community of hope and learning.

Greg Kostiuk

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