I was thinking…

September 3, 2012

It is the day before the start of the new school year.  Also, it is the only night in the entire year that I will not get a good sleep.  Not because of any worry or stress, but excitement!   Tomorrow, 230 students will be coming to school and I am sure they will be excited too.  Excited to see friends, but also excited to learn.  What is also incredible, the staff is “pumped.”  For many years we have been in a status quo gear.  We have always been willing to tweak to improve, but either unwilling to make a big change or not feeling supported to try.  I am thinking it is a bit of both.  Now, with an attitude of fail forward, I am seeing teachers and support staff willing to try new things, to take risks.  Some of the risks are small, but some are a lot larger.

Another great change is the willingness of our teachers to work together.  Teachers have always been resourceful, but no longer do I see the desire for teachers to do it by themselves.  It has been replaced by a desire to collaborate.  Our students and our staff will benefit from this change.

Within our school division, we have been challenged to take some action in transforming education; one student/staff, one classroom, one course, one school at a time.  I am glad to see teachers taking the challenge seriously.  Schools have always been an exciting place, but what will be more rewarding is to see learning made exciting.

Have a blessed and terrific 2012-13 school year,

Greg Kostiuk

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